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Thirty six hours

Aditi has some injury updates on Joe Martinek and Gary Watts.

RU Stadium is still popular with scouts.

Assistant AD for athletic communications Jason Baum said there will be 20 scouts at the game -- the most since Baum came to Rutgers in 2006. Among those in attendance will be Giants GM Jerry Reese, Colts president Bill Polian, and Vikings GM Rick Spielman.

Speaking of the stadium, they're still looking for funding for its expansion.

Do the Knights have more Thursday night magic in them? ESPN probably hopes so.

Rutgers is well aware of Brandon Tate. Both teams have issues in the kicking game.

Blair Bines is adapting well to DT. Other profiles: Dennis Campbell, Blair Bines.

Steve Politi is no longer limiting himself to annoying Rutgers fans.

Rutgers may be slowly falling in the US News rankings, but they do think RU is the most diverse school in the country.

Ray Rice may sit behind Willis McGahee this week.

If you ever wondered about Tim Pernetti's workout routine, now you know.

Paul Johnson may be gone, but Rutgers still has trouble preparing for Navy's option.

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano, whose team had a three-game winning streak against Johnson-coached Navy teams (2005-07), said Johnson's offensive line at Navy caused all types of problems with its cut blocking.

"It's such a hard job on the inside, people are just nipping at you, and they're always at your feet," Schiano said. "It's a nasty game ... they really try to get you distracted. They cut-block tremendously, probably the best that I've ever seen. You really have to work hard at this stuff."