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Blogpoll: Week Two

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 Oklahoma --
3 Florida 1
4 Georgia 1
5 East Carolina 10
6 Alabama 1
7 LSU 1
8 Missouri 2
9 California 12
10 Texas 1
11 Auburn 2
12 Penn State 6
13 Ohio State 8
14 Arizona State --
15 South Florida 3
16 Wisconsin 7
17 Fresno State --
18 Oregon 5
19 Wake Forest 3
20 Kansas --
21 UCLA 3
22 Tennessee 4
23 Illinois 3
24 West Virginia 18
25 Utah 3

Dropped Out: Brigham Young (#19), Cincinnati (#25).

Truthfully, it wasn't a big college football weekend for me, with the Knights playing on Saturday, and a rather weak slate of games. I watched most of the WVU/ECU game after it was clear that PSU was blowing out Oregon State, even though Wake/Ole Miss was surprisingly watchable. I caught what I could of Pitt/Buffalo, and then mostly watched USF/UCF with a few minutes of Florida/Miami thrown in for good measure.

I dropped BYU due to the uninspiring circumstances of their victory over Washington. I considered dropping West Virginia entirely (as far as one-loss teams go, Ole Miss seems like it's on the cusp), but I thought they deserve one last chance (maybe I'm being inconsistent with them vis-a-vis Clemson and GT, but neither of those teams have Pat White). I still am not ranking Texas Tech - they played uninspired football against Nevada. Maybe they will improve as the season progresses, but the fact that they moved up a spot in the coaches poll astounded me.

East Carolina deserves some respect. In retrospect, their wins over VT and WVU revealed two very flawed teams, but they arguably have the best resume of anyone to this point. They look very real, on both sides of the ball, and if they can get past struggling UVA and NC State teams, they'll have a real case to crash the BCS.

I'm bullish on Cal. MSU is above-average. Wazzu is terrible, but so far the Bears have built one of the best resumes out there. Penn State's victory over Oregon State was so lopsided that it was arguably too impressive; now I'm left wondering whether the Beavers are any good this year, and PSU doesn't have another big OOC game to pad their resume. Count me in as intrigued.

I downgraded Wisconsin and Ohio State for mediocre showings vs. MAC teams, but will be happy to jump them back up in the rankings if it turns out that they were saving themselves for Fresno State and USC, respectively. I didn't downgrade USF so much, as that game wasn't as close as the score indicated, and it was probably the most important game of the season for UCF. Utah's victory over Michigan looks less impressive in retrospect, and they can't really afford to have bad halves against teams like UNLV.