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The Big East is struggling

Cincy tried their best, but Oklahoma was just too much for them. There's no shame in this loss, but the bigger news is that Dustin Grutza went down with a leg injury.

UConn escaped a miserable game in Philadelphia that largely owed to the weather. RB Donald Brown was phenomenal, but QB Tyler Lorenzen struggled, and UConn doesn't seem to have any dependable receivers.

Louisville at least won its glorified scrimmage against Tennessee Tech.

At least Pitt took care of business vs. Buffalo. I saw bits and pieces of this game.

That wouldn't be the case for Syracuse, where GRob seems to have sealed his fate with a home loss to Akron. Syracuse actually scored some points, but had a miserable day defensively, which is supposed to be Robinson's strong suit. If any diehards still thought he could turn it around, they surely do not after this loss. I still cannot fathom why Syracuse brought back GRob after last season. They could already be in year one of rebuilding and that much closer to trying to turn their program around. This kind of lame duck year doesn't accomplish anything.

I had two thoughts from USF's overtime victory over UCF. Both coaches seemed very flawed (Syracuse fans should take note of O'Leary's depressing body language, and the way his team played carelessly for most of the game), while USF choked in the last few minutes. Fortunately WR Taurus Johnson had an excellent game.

Secondly, it's a real shame that this rivalry has to end, as the UCF Stadium was making a huge difference in the game. It's a shame, and figuratively, a crime against the fans that the business of college athletics has meant the death of rivalries like Pitt/PSU and soon to be USF/UCF (but not WVU/Marshall, that's completely one-sided). Everyone in involved in such foolishness and cowardice has no place in the game of football. Even if a lot of money is at stake, and those decisions may be 'logical' as it doesn't benefit USF much to play UCF and they're replacing them on the schedule with Miami. But it's still wrong. I think and hope this win was just close due to the rivalry aspect. The Big East is going to be really under the heat if USF can't beat Kansas.

It was another blow for the Big East as ECU tripped up West Virginia. Part of the reason for that result is that WVU just loss too much on defense from last season, and they may very well miss Rich Rodriguez. It's hard not to give a ton of credit to ECU though, who honestly look like one of the best teams in the country. This loss may not look as bad in time. I'm starting to rethink my anti-ECU stance for football expansion, but we'll have to see where they are if Skip Holtz gets any lucrative offers after this season. If he's like his father, he'll leave.