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Tar Heels, Rice, and Cupcakes

Thursday is the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, so there will be obviously be pre-game ceremonies to mark the occasion. There's a rumor that John McCain and Barack Obama will make an appearance, but there's no proof despite the fact that they'll both be in NYC that day.

With Kenny Britt facing constant double coverage, Kevin Brock will need to emerge as a consistent threat. I'd also like it very much if Tiquan Underwood would play like he did in September 2007.

Gary Watts and Joe Martinek may have been hurt in practice. Am I morbid for wondering if it may be better for the team in the longterm to redshirt Watts and have more experience at DE next year? This makes the second-unit DL thinner. Opposite Freeney, they can either give Sorie Bayoh a shot at this point, or maybe move Silvestro (unlikely I assume) or Farrington outside.

Keith Sargeant has the requisite take on the friendship between Greg Schiano and Butch Davis.

Mason Robinson needs to play better than he did in week one.

Joe Lefeged's big hits have earned him the starting job at strong safety.

UNC reportedly had trouble generating a pass rush against McNeese St.

It wasn't the greatest Sunday for Rutgers alumni, as Brian Leonard was scratched with a shoulder injury, and Ray Rice didn't find much running room and coughed up a fumble. The Rams looked awful, but at least the Ravens won. Jeremy Zuttah's Bucs fell, as did the Colts and Dolphins. The Bills, Panthers, and Eagles won, as did the Giants on Thursday night.

Ball State soundly beat Navy on Friday night. The Midshipmen were without their starting QB and that made a major difference.

Army coach Stan Brock is already talking about a change at QB.

This article illustrates some of the problems with scheduling quality football opponents.

"There’s less incentive to play them," Stoops said. "They’ve devalued strength of schedule. Everyone says when they vote that they still pay attention to it, but when you look at the top 25, it usually goes in order of losses. At the end, if a team is undefeated regardless of who they’ve played, they jump any team who lost one game."

Kansas State Coach Ron Prince said there was a simple reason why coaches did not want aggressive scheduling.

"It’ll get you fired," he said. "There’s pressure to qualify for a bowl. If you don’t have a high enough ranking, you can’t get in the B.C.S. The money is such where there’s consequences of not winning a certain number of games."

The entire article is worth reading.

Overcrowding on the New Brunswick campus meant that several students had to be housed in local hotels for the first week of campus.