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State of the blog

I started this site over two months ago, and am mostly happy with the results. I would like to generate some more traffic, and will do what I can to promote it in the future without crossing the line into annoyance and spam.

If anyone is curious about me, the author of Bleed Scarlet: I'd rather you weren't. Let's keep the focus on the team and what's important. I'm obviously a fan, one that needs to be a little more careful with proofreading. You may have seen me at games, or around the internet at some point. I don't have any sort of special access or insight with Rutgers athletics. If you ever want to contact me in any capacity, feel free as long as you're not hawking Viagra or financial investment opportunities in Nigeria.

I have tried to contact a blog that covers Navy athletics about trading another set of Q&As, but the author has not gotten back to me yet. Hopefully I'll be able to run similar entries for most of the conference games this year. As far as content goes I also want to write (belated) previews for South Florida, Syracuse, and West Virginia in the near future (the Pitt one is done but keeps getting pushed back) when time permits.

Carry on, and have a good weekend.