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A potential transfer in?

Just breaking today...

Marcus Witherspoon is out at Michigan.

And by January, the 2007 Courier-Post Defensive Player of the Year and Holy Spirit High School graduate expects to be enrolled at either Rutgers or Tennessee.

"He is not enrolled at Michigan," Marcus Witherspoon Sr. confirmed Wednesday night. "There are some complications that aren't resolved at Michigan. Rutgers and Tennessee are back in the mix.

It would certainly be easier to come back to his state university. As the rest of the article states, there are still other potential hurdles to overcome.

In spite of any obstacles, Witherspoon was highly regarded coming out of high school last year, and he would be a solid bet to help the Scarlet Knights out on the field in the future were he to transfer. Rutgers did land linebackers Eric Legrand (although he may play defensive line) and Marvin Booker in last year's class, and it's possible that other members of the class of '08 could move to the position.

Rutgers suffered the indignity however of losing New Jersey's most highly-touted linebackers (J.B. Fitzgerald, Marcus Witherspoon, and Brandon Smith even though he may end up at safety) all to the University of Michigan last season. Michigan traditionally had not been a major player in New Jersey under Lloyd Carr, and has largely ignored the region this year under Rich Rodriguez. It was merely owing to the influences of the now-departed assistant coach Steve Szabo, who was only at Michigan for one year, that these players ended up at Michigan. If Smith or Fitzgerald were ever to decide to leave Michigan, Rutgers would likely be high on either's list.