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This week's blogpoll ballot

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal 4
2 Oklahoma 1
3 Georgia 1
4 Florida 1
5 Ohio State 1
6 West Virginia --
7 Alabama 17
8 LSU 1
9 Wisconsin 1
10 Missouri 1
11 Texas --
12 South Florida 2
13 Auburn --
14 Arizona State 2
15 East Carolina 11
16 Wake Forest 3
17 Fresno State 3
18 Penn State 3
19 Brigham Young 2
20 Kansas 2
21 California 5
22 Utah 3
23 Oregon 1
24 UCLA 2
25 Cincinnati 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#10), Virginia Tech (#12), Tennessee (#15), Illinois (#23).

At least the images are working now.

I've already discussed my boycott of Texas Tech for schedule-related reasons. If angry Raider fans somehow find this ballot though, I'll be happy to get yelled at for a few replies.

This is based on last week's ballot, with minor tweaks. There's only so much you can tell from week one, with many teams playing cupcakes, and small sample sizes to worry about. In theory, I'd like to make as much of my ballot results-based as possible. In a few weeks, I'll junk my rankings completely and start from scratch, solely based on games to that point. Until then, I need to slowly phase out preseason hype and hunches.

That is why I've completely overreacted and ranked Alabama #7. Nick Saban really is that good, so it's not a stretch to imagine that he took some quality Mike Shula recruits and molded them into a good team. Solely based on week one, Alabama was by far the most impressive team. For similar reasons, I ranked USC #1. I don't know if Virginia is going to be a good team this year, but it was the most impressive victory in the top five.

I was torn on Missouri, who was awfully impressive on offense. I couldn't quite decide whether their defense played poorly or Illinois has made major progress on offense. East Carolina is another new entrant in my poll. As with Alabama, I may have overreacted, but their win was far more impressive than most others over the weekend.

Games I watched

Thursday - mostly South Carolina/NC State, with bits and pieces of of WF/Baylor and Oregon State/Stanford. Despite the impressive final score, South Carolina did not look very good in their opener. Wake Forest looked sharp however.

Saturday - About 50/50 between VT/ECU and Syracuse/NW (I'll usually pick the BE game unless they're playing a bad opponent). ECU was the better team all game, but VT hung in until the end in spite of Sean Glennon. USC/UVA seemed to be a blowout early, so I mostly watched Utah/Michigan, with a little Oklahoma State (they looked good and I'll consider them in the following weeks) vs. Washington State, and West Virginia/Villanova out of curiousity. I caught the second half of Maryland/Delaware, and Jordan Steffy was giving Glennon a run for worst QB of the week. I saw most of Alabama/Clemson, and it left a very big impression on me, and I caught some of Missouri/Illinois.

On Sunday I saw Louisville lay an egg against Kentucky. Yesterday I watched Rutgers fall to Fresno State, and most of the second half of Tennessee/UCLA after I pulled myself together.

For future viewing, I have access to ESPN360 for the time being, and am not opposed to pulling up the Yahoo Sports/Raycom or CSTV free streams if any games of note are on them.