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Recruit Q&A: Carlton Koonce

Carlton Koonce is an athlete that plays for Rancocas Valley High School in South Jersey. Rutgers is still looking for a tailback in this year's recruiting class, so Rutgers fans should hope that Koonce has a big year and earns a look from his state university.

Q: Your first game I believe is coming up on the 13th vs. Moorestown. What positions on the field are you expecting to play, and how do you think the Rancocas Valley team will do this year?

A: We are looking more balanced on both sides of the ball this year. I am playing tailback, and cornerback this year.

Q: What position do you hope to play in college?

A: I am hoping to prove that I can play tailback in college as my first choice but will play slotback if I have to help the team.

Q: Which college football programs are in contact with you, and, candidly, where would you like to end up?

A: Currently I am in contact with Hofstra, Stony Brook, James Madison, Middle Tennessee State, South Carolina State, Southern Illinois, Uconn, Rutgers, Pitt, and others

Q: Rutgers has been making a strong push in South Jersey and the Philadelphia area this year. Are you personally acquainted with any of Shawney Kersey, Aaron Heyward, Gerald Hodges, Abdul Smith, and/or Logan Ryan? If so, how well do you know any of them?

A: I know Gerald Hodges, Aaron Heyward, Abdul Smith, and Logan Ryan very well from playing 7 on 7's this summer and from the summer workouts. We all bonded very well this summer. It is exciting to see all of them committing to Rutgers. They are not only getting quality athletes, but high character young men. I really don't know Shawney Kersey that well, but also know is a great player and very fast from track.

Thanks to Mr. Koonce and his father for helping to set up this interview, and good luck to him in the coming season and in his college career.