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9/2 Recruiting Update

There were some visits over the weekend, but recruiting is likely to be quiet on all fronts during the season. Written offers can go out to the class of 2010 on Monday, so expect to hear some news on that front soon. Recruiting Planet reported a while back that Rutgers offered Delaware lineman Gifford Timothy, but he is a member of the LDS Church and likely headed to BYU.

Anthony LaLota had some nice things to say in a recent Scout update.

Despite his feelings about the Wolverines and Rodriquez, LaLota admits that the coach he's gotten to know best is Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano. "I've gotten to know coach Schiano really well," he said. "I feel very comfortable around him.

"I'm really impressed with what he's done at Rutgers and I think they'll continue to win," LaLota said

Tom Savage had his senior debut, but was mostly overshadowed by Cardinal O'Hara's running game.

O'Hara quarterback Tom Savage, ticketed for Rutgers, completed 6 of 11 passes for 85 yards.

Khalil Wilkes has RU in his top 4. I still expect him to go to Stanford however.

Wilkes’ four favorites are Wake Forest, Stanford, Pittsburgh and Rutgers. He said those schools are even at this point.

This year Rutgers seems to be finally making inroads in Southern New Jersey.

Antwan Lowery is visiting Florida. Be nervous.

Miami Columbus defensive tackle Antwan Lowery has never been to a college football game. He picked one heck of a week for his official christening.

Rated as one of the best defensive tackle prospects in the nation, Lowery and a few of his high school teammates are driving north to Gainesville on Saturday for the rivalry game between Miami and No. 5 Florida. Lowery, a senior, has been offered scholarships by both programs, but the 6-4, 309-pound run stopper says he has no clue where he wants to go to school.

''This game is very important,'' Lowery said. ``I just can't wait to get up there and see what the atmosphere of college football is really like.''

Another 2010 name to watch is Malik Stokes, younger brother of '09 Tennessee commit Je'Ron Stokes.

While Tennessee has been the only school to call Stokes so far today, others have been sending plenty of mail.

"I have been receiving a lot of mail from new schools. I’m getting stuff from schools like Oregon, Michigan, Wake Forest and Boston College. Right now I’m just kind of waiting to see who will be sending stuff out.

"I’ve been really busy and I know some coaches have been in contact with my coaches, but I’m trying to stay focused. I couldn’t tell you all the schools that are looking at me but I know it’s a lot."

Florida receiver James Lewis from the 2010 class is one other name to file in the back of your mind.