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Gameday links

One area where the team does return a lot of experience is in the secondary.

Greg Schiano still won't say who will start at RB tonight. Having a feature back has been the exception at Rutgers, not the rule. Anyone can be successful behind a Kyle Flood line. Sargeant and Franklin wrote a lot of pieces on Saturday.

Looks like the new private boxes are finished.

Keith Sargeant previews RU's kick coverage units.

Can Alex Silvestro hold up inside?

Aditi has some suggestions to certain Knights and a brief team preview.

RU's starting RB was originally committed to go to another school. Where have we heard that one before?

There was a nice column in the Fresno Bee on Sunday about visiting RU's campus.

Manny Abreu will be tasked with covering Bear Pascoe. Sargeant has more:

Manny Abreu is playing football for more than the love of the game. He is playing for the love of his
2-year-old daughter.

"I love her to death. She is why I play," he said the other day after practice. "Amayah, she is my motivation, and that’s why I have her (tattooed) on my left arm. Whenever I’m running laps I look at her (name). She’s my inspiration. She’s great, she’s fun, she smiles. She loves being with me. She loves to eat. She has a big appetite like her father.

"She lives with her mother in Union City," he said. "I see her every once in a while, whenever I get a chance to go back home. She understands that I have to do this. I tell her every day."

Another look at Fresno State's team. And UNC.

UNC barely got by McNeese St. on Saturday. Rather than cause for overlooking them, it should be even more reason to take the game seriously. Receiver Brandon Tate played well.

Now that they're healthy, Navy's ofense is looking better.

The Ravens waived J'Vonne Parker.

The FresnoBee has some anecdotes that will make you shudder.

Schiano tells a story from his earlier years at Rutgers, a rainy game against Temple, another lowly program, where a fan violated a stadium rule by bringing an umbrella.

Schiano said the stadium was so quiet, not more than 5,000 fans could have been in the stands, and there was the man with his umbrella open, sitting in an entire section all to himself.

The public address announcer made a general statement to fans that umbrellas were not allowed in the stadium.

The man closed his umbrella for some time before opening it again.

That sparked the PA announcer to make another general statement about the stadium's umbrella rule.

The man again closed the umbrella.

But later, the man once again opened his umbrella, causing the PA announcer to irately announce: "You in Section 108. Yes, you sitting by himself. Quit opening your umbrella!"

Why is William Dowling dishonest?

"Rutgers is well on the way to becoming what students call a school of last resort," said William C. Dowling, a professor of English. "That is death to a school of Rutgers' history, stature and tradition. And sports have been entirely responsible for the damage."

In a way, I welcome clowns like Dowling, because their claims are so outrageous that they drown out any legitimate criticisms of college athletics. It's completely ludicrous to make a claim like this in the face of major state budget cuts to higher education during the past decade.