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It's time

I'm anxious, excited, etc... About half an hour to kick off.

4:01 - Team is wearing red and white. Per Aditi

3:52 P.M. Quick observation No. 3: Rutgers apparently made a big push in its baton-twirling recruitment this summer. We've got three here in front of us today and there hasn't been a single drop yet. Good job by the tailgaters too getting into the stadium before introductions.


4:11 - Underwood, you have to catch that!

At 75%, Jeremy Ito was not "as automatic as they come". San San Te already has rookie jitters, badly shanking a kick.

The passing game looked well enough on the first drive. Kordell Young struggled.

4:33 - Good drive, but we ended up with zero points! This offense is great between the 20s and struggles in the red zone. Britt is dominating, and now Fresno is giving him no quarter.

4:40 - Greg and John. I like you. I really do. But your in game strategy is questionable at best.

5:13 - That's not good. The team drives down the field on the back of Kordell Young, but again fails in the red zone and shanks another chip shot field goal.

5:27 - You can't fail to capitalize on opportunities vs. a team like Fresno State. Our special teams look as horrible as they did last season.

6:12 - Everyone just bit on play action. TD Fresno. This game is rapidly slipping away. Wish we would connect on a bomb like that.

6:32 - The defense is holding its own, but the offense looks stuck in the mud now. There was just another special teams penalty on a blatant block in the back. Anthony Davis left because of cramps, but he came back into the game.

6:41 - Redteam upstream. Does the defense have another stop in them? Will we convert the extra point?

6:46 - What happened to using Jordan Brooks in short yardage? Nevermind that, what happened to Mason Robinson? Britt is not only having a good game receiving, but he's a great blocker on the level of a Plaxico Burress or Hines Ward. It's also been an interesting chess match watching Fresno State adapt to the pass rush in the second half, and Schiano subsequently tweaking his unit.

6:59 - Dagger? After bending all game, the defense finally broke, as Jason McCourty was badly beaten by a Fresno receiver. I can only shudder and wonder where we'd be if we had connected on those kind of deep balls today.

7:05 - You have to catch that one, Ty.