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A rough week for the Big East

Cincinnati rolled as expected. Next up? Oklahoma.

UConn similarly handled Hofstra, even though QB Tyler Lorenzen was shaky. Temple will give them a tough rematch next week.

Louisville laid an egg yesterday. At least the defense played well.

The Bowling Green game loomed as a sleeper for Pitt, but it was still a surprise that they lost. They will have their hands full with Buffalo. It's not good that the Big East has two loseable games with the MAC coming up. Even if they're good teams. Turner Gill and Al Golden may very well be coaching in the Big East next year.

USF took care of business and now has a showdown with UCF looming.

With Syracuse, it was largely one step forward, two steps back.

West Virginia's defense was shaky vs. Villanova, but Pat White did look sharp. Next comes the extremely dangerous East Carolina.

This week could get very ugly for the Big East if Rutgers doesn't prevail vs. a Fresno team that many in the media expect to win. The vegas line for the game has also been steadily dropping.

During troubling weeks like this one, it would greatly help to have a ninth team. It has to be the right pick though. Ben Doody wants to add ECU. They looked very impressive on Saturday. Can they maintain their success? The Big East needs to see sustained success, and the bar is set higher for a school located in the South. I wouldn't be as dismissive of Temple as he is.