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NFL Cuts

Ray Rice (Baltimore), Shaun O'Hara (New York Giants), Gary Brackett (Indianapolis), Brian Leonard (St. Louis), Ryan Neill (Buffalo), Jeremy Zuttah (Tampa Bay), Eric Foster (Indianapolis), L.J. Smith (Philadelphia), J'Vonne Parker (Baltimore), Nathan Jones (Miami), and Gary Gibson (Carolina) are currently on NFL rosters.

Ray Rice also switched back to #27, as Ronnie Prude was cut from the Ravens. Now's the time to buy your jerseys.

Just because a player didn't make a team's 53-man roster yesterday means that they're finished in the NFL. Many of the following players will end up on various practice squads. I will keep RU fans aware of practice squad signings in the next few days.

Joey Porter (Green Bay), Derrick Roberson (Houston), Pedro Sosa (Miami), Ron Girault (New York Jets), Brandon Renkart (New York Jets), Cameron Stephenson (Philadelphia), and Clark Harris (Detroit) did not survive final cuts this year.

Looks like J'Vonne Parker ended up making the Ravens. He is one of many former Knights who have blossomed in the NFL.

J’Vonne Parker had a solid performance last night. J’Vonne has had a really good camp and preseason. I think he really pushed for a spot on this team last night.

Renkart ended up being cut, but he played well on Thursday, and may find his way onto the Jets' practice squad.

Gary Gibson forced a fumble on Thursday.