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What we learned yesterday

Still out of town, but I've found more downtime than expected so far. Going to be busy all day today though. My Q&A with The Bulldog Bounce has been published on their site.

Anthony Davis is ok. The NYT published a piece on him and his position switch to LT.

"We recruited him to be an offensive tackle, but we happened to have two multiple-year starters at both positions, so we didn’t want to tip the boat there," Schiano said. "We scheduled Anthony at guard, and he met our expectations and became a starter. But the plan all along was to move him out to tackle during his sophomore year."

Offensive guards, Flood said, may as well play in a closet. They usually block people lined up across from them, or not very far away. Offensive tackles, he said, play in space, assigned to cover a larger zone with a wider array of techniques.

"And being an offensive tackle is like being a pitcher in baseball," Flood said. "You’ve got to give the defensive ends different looks every time, or they’re going to pick up what you’re doing and beat you every time."

Although Davis was overweight during his freshman season, it became apparent to his teammates that he was abnormally agile — "a physical freak," Teel said with a smile. Flood said Davis showed right away that he wanted to work hard to improve.

Pedro Sosa is finally a Dolphin.

The knee was surgically repaired in January. Sosa worked out for the Dolphins in early July, but General Manager Jeff Ireland said then he wasn't ready to participate in training camp. After working Sosa out late last week coach Tony Sparano said the New York native showed he was in much better condition.

"It felt good being back out there on the field, it's been a long time coming," said Sosa, who was working as a right guard in practice. "I work hard and I play the game right."

We've got a depth chart (scroll down). No big surprises there. Schiano presser is up at The Ledger has a transcript up. Coach Schiano sees many similarities between the teams.

No more rushing the field this year?

Brian Leonard is ready to make an impact with the Rams.

As is Gary Gibson with the Panthers.

Eric Foster returned to action on Sunday.

Inside Carolina takes a look at some of the bigger questions that UNC football faces entering 2008.

Marc Ecko remembers his Rutgers roots.