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Preparing for chaos

Reminder: Bleed Scarlet is still on vacation. This update was prepared over the weekend.

Courtney Greene said that this year's training camp had the "most chaos" of his tenure.

"I think Coach brings a lot of adversity to our team and that's something we needed with the young guys needing to step up and play,'' Greene added. "I think it was the best one we've had since I've been here, with guys getting along, acting like they wanted to be here. You didn't hear anybody saying, "Oh, this camp is too long.' We just practiced hard everyday and got better.''

Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel agreed, calling it "the hardest training camp I've been through in my tenure.''

The team celebrated the end of camp with a trip to the pool.

Shamar Graves has earned the #2 TE job.

Aditi's thoughts are sunny as usual.

all my years on the beat, I have never seen Greg Schiano so genuinely pleased with so much of his team. One of my fabulous readers mentioned that my writing doesn't seem to indicate the same anxiety over a still un-named tailback that last year's did over the lack of a tight end, or punter, or brand new center. And he's totally right - I actively remember Greg being angry that no tight end was stepping up. There's nothing like that at all this year. And he said it himself.

Meet Fresno State's one-two punch at tailback.

Preparations for Fresno State are underway. Prepare to wince as you read about Anthony Davis's back problems.

Ray Rice had 5 carries for 20 yards and 1 catch for 5 yards in Baltimore's preseason showdown with the (Brian Leonard-less) St. Louis Rams. should have some highlights.

Frank Edgerly misses coaching, but is happy to be working under Joe Susan as the team's new assistant recruiting coordinator.

The reviews from Jeremy Zuttah's first NFL start are positive.

The Philadelphia Eagles released Cameron Stephenson.

Mike Tomlin is high on Darnell Stapleton.

It appears Justin Hartwig will start at center. If so, his two backups, veteran Sean Mahan and second-year player Darnell Stapleton, can each play guard and center. While Stapleton, an undrafted rookie last year from Rutgers, has little experience, he has shown coaches he can play.

"He is quietly a very effective football player,'' Tomlin said. "Sometimes you say he's a good little football player, but he's 310 pounds. He plays with great leverage. He's football smart. He has position flexibility. He's a guy who always is in the hunt and probably will be up until the 11th hour."

Navy's football team this year will led by two Hawaiians.