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George Zoffinger's war on Rutgers

Or as I call it, Josh and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

It's absolutely remarkable that Margolin and Sherman are still clinging to their disproven allegations.

Hopefully or someone will pick up Tom Luicci when the Ledger goes under in the next few months. Can't imagine that he's too happy about them torpedoing a relationship that he's worked years to cultivate.

As to the story itself, no one ever accused the Rutgers AD of being competent. No one should accuse them of graft either. They're just bad at their job, they're not criminals. They couldn't successfully embezzle anything if they wanted to.

I'm trying not to sound like a broken record, but it's really a shame that the sports media; hell, the entire meta-journalism media, hasn't picked up on what an utter travesty is going on here.