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A traitor among us

Every Rutgers fan simply must read Rick Malwitz's piece from THNT today.

While Zoffinger sees his job as carefully minding the books, others see a different agenda.

Some say Zoffinger would still like Mulcahy's job.

Zoffinger denied that he wanted the job in 1997, until he was shown a copy of the story published in the Home News Tribune the day former director of athletics Fred Gruninger stepped down.

"I would attribute that statement to not closing doors," Zoffinger said last week.

That does not explain half of Zoffinger's malfeasance.

The negotiations between the football teams and the state widened a wedge between Zoffinger and Codey.

"In my 34 years in politics, I never met a more dishonest person than George Zoffinger," said Codey.

Codey said negotiations meant to be private were leaked to the media. Codey said he confronted Zoffinger, who admitted leaking information. "George swore he wouldn't do it again. Then, he'd do it again," said Codey.

"Codey's an idiot, and you can print that," said Zoffinger.

Leaking information you say. Dick Codey is likely to be elected as the next Governor of New Jersey, and is one of the few politicians in the state with positive approval ratings.

In 2004, during the period between McGreevey's announcement he was leaving office and the date he officially resigned, the governor nominated Zoffinger to serve on the Rutgers board of governors.

The nomination was opposed by a group of students suggesting Zoffinger's role as chairman of the board at DEVCO would conflict with Rutgers' interests.

Zoffinger said he recuses himself from all activities on the Rutgers board dealing with DEVCO, and noted that he championed the students when he was the only one to vote against the recent 8.5 percent tuition hike.

"George works the media. He knows when he casts the only negative vote he becomes the story," said Ron Giaconia, who served on the Board of Governors until his term expired in 2007.

If only we had listened to those students then.

It was reported by the Star-Ledger of Newark that there was an agreement between Mulcahy and Schiano that would not require Schiano to pay a $500,000 buyout, should he seek a head coaching job elsewhere.

Mulcahy and a person familiar with the language of Schiano's contract say no such agreement exists.

Zoffinger isn't convinced. "There is a signed agreement somewhere, and they haven't found it," he said.

That "person familiar with the language of Schiano's contract" being Schiano himself as a press conference. Let there be no remaining doubt: as suspected, Zoffinger leaked the unfinished draft clause. If nobodies on the internet can put two and two together, there's no doubt that Schiano, Mulcahy, and McCormick have and want to get this clown out of their hair as soon as possible. It's doubly wrong of Zoffinger to keep raising this issue when he's proven to be dead wrong.

And Zoffinger does not believe Schiano will remain at Rutgers when 84-year-old Penn State head coach Joe Paterno retires. "Greg Schiano, in my opinion, will go to Penn State in a heartbeat," said Zoffinger.

I had refrained from citing Zoffinger's status as a Penn State booster in the past as evidence of misconduct. However, it's hard to see that not playing a role in this quote, which is equal parts trying to twist a knife into the heart of every Rutgers fan. Undoubtedly, Zoffinger is probably responsible for a large amount of the unfounded buzz on this topic.