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Scrimmage day

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Rutgers will hold its first intrasquad scrimmage this morning. A few things to keep an eye on. As per Luicci's report today, Dennis Campbell is the only player that will sit out due to injury. Pete Tverdov returned yesterday from bereavement leave, so please direct well wishes his way.

The Home News Tribune posted photos from yesterday's practice.

Ryan D'Imperio says he's finally at 100%.

Jack Corcoran is determined to silence his critics in 2008. Good to hear that he's working on his blocking.

According to Greg Schiano, the MLB job is still open between Munoz (please no) and D'Imperio. Lefeged and Kitchen are competing at SS, and I don't think we can really go wrong there. Mike Gilmartin looks set at RT.

What does F.A.M.I.L.Y. stand for, anyway?

Sargeant is very optimistic about the team's linebackers this year. They have to be better by default, but Abreu isn't going to be an All-American from day one...

Like many media outlets, the New York Times is writing about the RB competition.

No one quite knows how good Kevin Brock can be.

Chris Rippon is tasked with turning around a special teams unit that was dreadful in 2007. That article also has some praise for freshman CB Brandon Jones.

During his recruiting process, Timmy Brown was timed by Greg Schiano at 4.25 in the forty yard dash, and was the fastest player that he's ever timed by hand. However, Brown currentlyhas some competition for fastest player on the squad.

Dennis Dodd thinks Rutgers is the sixth best team in the Big East.

The Fresno State hype continues.