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Tuesday news and notes

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I am pleased to announce that in September, the author of Tar Heel Fan has agreed to answer a few questions about UNC football for us (I will do likewise for his site). Please respond with UNC-themed questions in the comments to this entry, or send me them through email. I've been in touch with a Fresno State blog, and also hope to trade questions with fans of the other teams on RU's schedule this season. Speaking of Q&As, I did one yesterday for Saturday Sound Offs, so look for that to be appearing soon.

As far as the blog schedule goes, I'm still planning on finishing my team unit previews soon, concurrently with coming up with a top 25 ballot by the submission deadline. After that, I'll get to work on my conference preview, and various other ideas that I've been kicking around to pass the time until the season starts.

Can Charlie Noonan log productive minutes in the DT rotation this year?

Matt Hardison is working with the two deep at right guard. The early reports on Kordell Young are positive. has some new expansion pics up. They've also posted some pics from Monday's practice in their multimedia section.

Willis McGahee recently underwent a "cleanup" procedure in his knee, and may not be ready for Baltimore's season opener.

The IndyStar had more praise for Eric Foster.

Eric Foster got noticed with a strong push to clog up and effectively stop a rush for a loss. When defensive linemen do that, the Colts linebackers can clean up. When they don't, linebackers and safeties get worn out and hurt making tackles and taking on the big ugly blockers.

They also posted an interview with Foster today.

Jeremy Zuttah played well on Saturday in a preseason game vs. Miami.

Converted guard Dan Buenning received extensive playing time at center and rookie Jeremy Zuttah appeared comfortable at right guard in a reserve role.

"It feels good to say I played my first game as a pro," said Zuttah, the versatile third-round pick out of Rutgers. "Just like I expected, the speed of the game in the NFL is a lot faster."

Hooray, we don't have any cancers on the team!

Would you ever give us any clues as to which ones are the "harder ones
to deal with"?
- RUCalTex

Probably not. After all, I still have to deal with the kids! In all seriousness, though, I haven't run across a "harder one" this year. In fact, the beat guys and I were talking about that up in the press box just this weekend, with Tom Luicci and I both saying there wasn't a player we'd be avoiding. I hate to sound like a shill for Rutgers, but so far, I'd be willing to vouch for Greg's claim that he carefully scrutinizes character in recruiting.

Aditi's mailbag also makes light of Coach Schiano's willingness to play freshmen.

A recruiting hotbed in Florida may be devastated by the withdrawal of Big Sugar.