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Knight Watch

Final line for Ray Rice: 6 carries for 12 yards, 4 catches for 17 yards. Apparently Rice dropped one easy catch. The Baltimore offensive line was dreadful, which could be a problem this year. It certainly hampered Leonard last season. has video here. Several other Rutgers alumni should see time on the field in games tomorrow night.

Tiquan Underwood was nominated for the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team. Sargeant has more on what a great person Underwood really is.

I want to see Antonio Lowery play, and I want it now.

Mase and Kordell should both see a lot of carries in 2008.

The Ledger countered with their own San San Te profile.

The Trentonian looked at the heated competition at safety.

Kevin Haslam, who's reportedly looking much bigger, is the feature of the latest "argh why does wait until 8:30 am to publish this" piece.

The New York Times foolishly published an article on the Nelligan mess yesterday. This morning, I fired off an email to the paper's ombudsman. Hopefully he will assist in this manner. If you wish to contact him yourself, again, remember that you represent Rutgers by proxy and please put your best foot forward.

Every story about Fresno State that I read makes light of their hunger to win a BCS berth in 2008. Notes from their camp. CBS Sports yesterday dubbed two games of interest "intriguing" (as well as WVU and USF matchups).

5. North Carolina at Rutgers, Sept. 11: Get this: A team can prove its bona fides with a win at Rutgers. As recently as four or even three years ago, that statement would be absurd. Now, in 2008, it's a perfectly logical thing to say. Next: Cats and dogs living together.

6. Wisconsin at Fresno State, Sept. 13: Wisconsin, a dark-horse national-title aspirant, finds itself in a tough, nonconference road game. The Bulldogs haven't taken down a big-name program in a while, and are loaded on both sides of the ball.

UNC tailback Ryan Houston is a kindred spirit with our own beloved Eric Foster.

"I just want to get in the end zone a couple fo times, for real,''

Led by all-everything Marvin Austin, the Heels are looking very stout up the middle.

When reading practice reports out of Chapel Hill, I'm mostly following the QB competition, and the development of 2007 starter T.J. Yates, and his recovery from shoulder surgery. More notes.

Army HC Stan Brock is recovering from cancer. As you may have heard, Black Knight chances of playing in the NFL recently dropped from miniscule to zero. In a really, really, really annoying move, they've switched offenses to the option.

Ken Niumatalolo, a name only slightly easier to spell than Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada, is looking to sure up the Midshipmen defensively.