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It is done

The SL doesn't have it on their website, but they finally allowed Mulcahy to respond to their allegations today. That's probably as much as we're going to get. Time to put it behind us.

With camp starting in full swing today, obviously there is a lot going on at the moment. The Ledger had some early thoughts from the first practice. Jason Baum sent them some ticket information:

Just got this memo from Rutgers' Jason Baum that all seven home games this season are sold out. That extends the sell-out streak to 17 consecutive games for the team, which is the longest streak in school history.

There is still a slight chance that additional single-game tickets may become available if visiting teams return a portion of their pre-determined allotment. However, away game tickets will be available to alumni and the general public beginning tomorrow at 12:01 a.m. at

We probably shouldn't overreact yet to Kenny Britt tweaking his ankle.

By the way, I looked into it recently: only Army and UConn are currently selling tickets for their games at Rutgers Stadium this season.

Are Baltimore sports writers just reusing the same copy for Rice every day?

Another observation: Running back Ray Rice continues to be one of the stars of this camp. With Willis McGahee sitting out because of knee problems, the rookie from Rutgers continues to impress with his durability and stamina -- something Ravens fans are starting to notice in comparison to McGahee -- as well as his play-making ability.

Rice's first game as a pro will be against the New England Patriots on Thursday. Unfortunately, we will not be able to see it in the New York region, as the Giants and Jets are both playing at the same time. However, according to this page, the game will be replayed Saturday on the NFL Network at 1 pm.

Not only is he starting, but...

"He's a rookie, but gosh he's had a lot of carries his whole career," Harbaugh said. "As a running back, he's a veteran. It will be new for him playing against an NFL defense, particularly that [the Patriots'] defense, and it will be interesting to see how he'll do.

"But I'd be surprised if he's not up to the task."