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Crocodile tears


The Star-Ledger today announced a large-scale buyout to all non-union workers with the goal of reducing the staff by at least 200 employees.

Publisher George E. Arwady said if 200 employees don't agree to the buyout and if the paper cannot reach agreements with unions representing drivers and mailers meant to reduce costs, the paper will be sold. He said the deadline for reaching both of those targets was Oct. 1.

The offer comes at a time when the newspaper industry is reeling from plunging advertising revenues linked to a troubled economy and sea changes in the way information is disseminated.

The offer was announced to grim-faced employees by Arwady at the paper's headquarters in Newark. He characterized the paper as being "on life support" and urged employees to consider the offer for the good of fellow employees.

"This is a matter of simple survival," he said.

I think the NYT blogger is a Cincy fan or something, because he won't stop talking them up.

They also had an article on the commissioner search, which has been the subject of several other articles, like the Projo piece I linked. Not much new:

The best list I could scrape together includes the senior associate commissioner John Marinatto, the associate commissioner Nick Carparelli, the associate commissioner Dan Gavitt, Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich and Connecticut Athletic Director Jeff Hathaway. Don’t be surprised if a dark horse emerges, though. Marinatto would be considered the favorite, but there’s a lot of golf left to play.

No, no, a thousand times no to another Providence College crony.