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Around the blogosphere

Card Chronicle recently took on the task of ranking the top 25 offensive players in the Big East. Not really many surprises here as far as Rutgers is concerned.

BTW, I'll be very interested to see CC's take on Derrick Caracter's being given his umpteenth chance by Pitino.

ZAGSBLOG is also reporting that Pitt basketball has landed power forward recruit Dante Taylor out of Baltimore, a classic BE-style banger apparently from his press clippings.

If you've been living in a bubble, Oklahoma isn't very happy about a prank perpetrated by a Nebraska fan. Guess I probably shouldn't link to this non-hoax article about Brian Cushing then. Oops, too late.

SMQ previews the Auburn/WVU matchup, one of the Big East's marquee OOC games this season.

In case you missed it, MgoBlog revisited that dark, scary moment in December when Michigan was talking to Coach Schiano.

West Virginia recruit Terence Kerns has apparently qualified for enrollment this fall.

Pedro Sosa is still deciding on a team.

Season ticket sales are up at USF.

Syracuse fans are still excited about the upcoming premiere of The Express.