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Scouting the Rivals New Jersey top 25

Thoughts, predictions, hearsay.

1. DE Anthony LaLota. There isn't really a consensus about whether he'll end up on the offensive or defensive lines. Most internet scuttlebutt has Notre Dame pegged as his likely destination.

2. RB Theo Riddick. Likely to play WR or CB in college for the Irish.

3. DT Tyler Stockton. A teammate of LaLota, Stockton should nicely fill the gap of Omar Hunter, who spurned the domers last winter for Florida.

4. DT Isaac Holmes. Believed to be a Rutgers/Maryland battle right now, the edge would have to go to Maryland, considering that they have the ships to also take DE Bernardo Nunez. If that happens, Rutgers is looking at several out of state players, such as Antwan Lowery, to join this year's defensive line class.

5. RB Raymond Graham. A tremendous talent, Graham's brother will be suiting up for the Scarlet Knights in the fall. Like his brother, Graham is likely headed for a year of prep school.

6. C Mark Brazinski. An ideal zone-blocking lineman, Brazinski will hopefully be hiking the ball to Tom Savage on the banks in the future.

7. S Gerald Hodges. Given his 6'3 size, Hoghes will likely project to the LB position in college.

9. WR Shawney Kersey. Kersey is a big and physical receiver. A couple academic hurdles have kept him from more offers, but he is a good player and still a likely bet to qualify.

9. LB Carlo Calabrese. Big LB is a good fit for ND's 3-4 scheme.

10. LB Glenn Carson. Top remaining target at LB for both Rutgers and Penn State.

11. ATH Nyshier Oliver. Likely a DB in college, off to Knoxville in the fall.

12. WR Tyree Watkins. One of the few recent victories in the state for UVA.

13. DT Tyson Chandler. More of a project at this point. That, and supposed grade issues likely make him a plan B or C option for Rutgers in favor of better options like Lowery.

14. ATH Joshua Evans. Grades may be a concern here.

15. OG Khalil Wilkes. Down to Rutgers, Pitt, Wake, and Stanford. From a school (as is Oliver) that never sends players to Piscataway. Is a legacy though, but I'd bet against our chances.

16. CB Logan Ryan. Cover corner will be a strong complement to the more-physical Abdul Smith.

17. TE Malcolm Bush. Rutgers hasn't landed many TEs lately. A strong athlete, Bush will likely add muscle to his frame in college and be counted on as a blocking complement to Paul Carrezola.

18. RB Dion Lewis. Pittsburgh commit that not many have heard of.

19. DE Bernardo Nunez. Speedy pass rusher that is likely headed to Maryland in a package with Holmes.

20. LB Ryan Donohue. Plan B option for Rutgers jumped on a Maryland offer when Rutgers landed Hodges and appeared to take the lead for Carson.

21. RB Aaron Hayward. A WR in college, this South Jersey player was a silent verbal for a while, and really helped to recruit much of the 2009 class along with Tom Savage.

22. LB Brian Leffler. Goes to Hun with LaLota and Stockton. Plan B guy for WVU.

23. TE Mike Naples. Has a few offers from mid-level Big Ten programs.

24. DE Michael Larrow. Fast-rising DE was a silent verbal for a while, and came public in July.

25. TE Dante Burton. See Naples.

26. OG Nick Cattolica. Plan B lineman for Rutgers and WVU.

27. S Mohamed Sanu. Overaged senior will graduate early and enroll at Rutgers in January. Likely to be ranked higher if he wasn't so under the radar.

28. LB Ka' lial Glaud. Plan B guy for several schools, I guess.

29. RB Kevin Adams. A few lower-level BE schools going after him.

30. LB Angel Clybourn. Cincinnati verbal that not much is known about.

LB commit Steve Beauharnais was noticeably absent from this list. He used to play for a very small school in Saddle Brook, but is transferring to the spotlight of St. Joe's this fall to face increased competition