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Knightly News

Trenton cornerback Abdul Smith is a Scarlet Knight. The recruiting class only has a few spots left. From what I've read, he is a very physical cornerback. He will make a nice complement to Logan Ryan, who seems to be more of a coverage type.

I am still trying to get to the bottom of the rumor that RB Rashad White is not going to be eligible in the fall. It's very difficult verifying these kinds of rumors given the tight grip on infirmation regarding the program.

The Quad thinks Rutgers is the #58 team in the country. USF's beatwriter has the team at #5 in the conference. Matt Hayes of the Sporting News doesn't think that we're one of the top 50 teams this year, and TSN ranked Rutgers at #7 in the Big East.

The Big East announced their 2008-2009 league schedules today. Rutgers will play home and homes with the Shoe, Syracuse, and Providence. In my opinion, our home schedule is favorable enough. Hopefully the team can re-establish the RAC this year and do much better with its highly-retooled roster.

CardChronicle had a feature today listing 5 Big East players that Louisville could lose. Unsurprisingly, our own Kenny Britt was on the list.

Excavation for the stadium expansion has led to discovery of many historical artifacts.

The Orlando Sentinel takes a retrospective look on the last wave of conference expansion, five years later.

Lineman Pedro Sosa, fresh off his rehab from knee surgery, will be working out for teams in Piscataway next Tuesday.

Women's basketball has its first commit for 2009 on board.

2010 basketball recruit Tobias Harris visited over the weekend according to ZAGSBLOG.