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From Jersey It Came

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Ruminations from around the Big East.

Connecticut: Coach Edsall is trying to promote UConn football to the rest of his state. Interesting that he'd show up in Fairfield County, which is very much dominated by the NYC media market.

Cincinnati: Apparently jealous of the success of their conference breathren, Cincy is upping the ante in the recruiting game.

Louisville: Steve Kragthorpe's rocky start has resulted in a slew of roster turnover.

Pittsburgh: Pitt's recruits were reportedly impressive at the Big 33 showdown between Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Rutgers: Mega-recruit Tom Savage was denied permission to graduate from his high school early so that he could enroll at Rutgers for the Winter, 2009 session.

South Florida: Raging psychopath Jim Leavitt gave a rather-sedated interview on a variety of subjects yesterday in a local rag.

Syracuse: The offseason, scratch that, decade from hell continues, as another player is suspended for academic misconduct.

West Virginia: New coach Bill Stewart is eager to continue their recruiting momentum.