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What I've always wanted

I have long advocated that whenever Rutgers football plays Army or UCF, the two mascots should joust at halftime.

Most New Jersey residents (or anyone who's seen The Cable Guy) are familiar with Medieval Times, which provides a model as to how feasible this would be. For reference:

RU fans have long lamented about how our halftime show pales in comparison to Morgan State's or Hampton's. This is the answer, and it has been sitting right in front of our eyes the entire time. Put yourself in the mind of a casual fan: what has more appeal, good football, or armor-clad swordsman attacking each other to commemorate European history?

My other big idea? New Jersey has an image problem. Rutgers is still trying to get its alumni and fans enthused about football, including a potential rivalry with another fledging Big East program, Connecticut. Why not kill two birds with one stone? New Jersey and Connecticut are, respectively, the two richest states by median household income and per-capita income. Call the yearly showdown what you will - the Millionaire's Bowl, the Wall Street Bowl, the Trust Fund Bowl, what's important is that we get this message out there: we, and subsequently, the Big East, have more money than you. That makes us better than you.

And here's the kicker: they need to fight for a giant, oversized spoon


Make sure it's bigger than Paul Bunyan's baby axe at least.

Update: 11/17 in light of current events, parts of this entry may come off as just a tad insensitive to our current economic climate.