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New York/New Jersey All-Star Classic

Some impressions:

Mohamed Sanu took a lot of the snaps at QB for NJ. Big-time arm, connected on a bomb to Brandon Jones. Not much touch on his passes. Was scrambling a lot.

Rashad White didn't get a ton of snaps at RB. He looks very thin. Good burst, very fast, not much power.

Didn't see a whole lot of the other receivers for NJ, but they did make a couple plays. Payne, Larmond, Pantale.

Defensively, the NJ front 7 hammered NY for most of the day. The player I noticed most was Syracuse-bound David Stevens. Marvin Booker had a few big hits, and Marquis Hamm, Jarel Lowery, and Jack Crawford stood out on a couple plays. With the DL swallowing up NY's OL, there wasn't a lot of opportunity for the LBs to make plays. LeGrand, Baker, and Beckford made a few plays. Nice interview with LeGrand at halftime.

Pat Kivlehan was the biggest playmaker in the secondary. On one play, Reuben Johnson was badly beaten by a NY WR, but Kivlehan committed PI for 15 yards, denying the TD. NY ended up not scoring on that drive, the final of the game. I only really noticed Will Hill on kick returns, where he was very solid. Again, there wasn't much to work with, but I did see Gratz beaten once or twice. Imeokparia badly misplayed a ball by going for an INT instead of easily breaking up the pass. Grant Mayes was another CB who gave up a few catches.

Jeff Legree did look very solid scrambling, given what he had to work with. A lot of the bigger name NY receivers didn't do a whole lot, and the line was giving their QBs nothing all day. Arguably, the biggest NY play of the day was a beautiful INT return by prep-bound Markell Rice.

I'll see what I can find in terms of other recaps. Some of the bigger names were noticably absent. I also declined to mention most of the I-AA players since I figured that they wouldn't be of much interest here.