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Rutgers and Notre Dame

This ND scheduling story has been getting a lot of play during the past few days. Now we actually know how to get Chris Russo and the New York Times behind Rutgers. However:

1. Now I can't visit any RU-related site that's not being inundated with trolls.

2. Hardcore fans already knew the ND deal has been dead for quite some time.

3. Misrepresentation of what actually happened. ND didn't make any unrealistic demands. Bob Mulcahy and Kevin White just could not come to an agreement. The deal was never formalized. It was an amicable parting, and unlike some teams (*cough*, BOSTON COLLEGE), Notre Dame very much remains a scheduling option in the future. I hate ND as much as anyone, but let's at least tell the truth people.

4. It's not like ND is the only school that's tried to pull this. Straight from the AD's mouth, practically every traditional power has refused to play one and ones with Rutgers. Penn State, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Michigan, USC, you name it. All of them want one-offs at their place, or 4 for 2s and similar bullshit. The ironic thing is to watch Penn State fans bash Notre Dame over this issue, when they're guilty of far, far worse.

Ok, it's fun to let off a little steam and bash Notre Dame every once in a while. After all, they do deserve it. Now it's just getting annoying.