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Ranking the Big East coaches

Big East:

1. Brian Kelly. No contest, really. About to be hired away like Petrino and RichRod. The only question is whether he'd recruit at a bigger program.
2. Randy Edsall. Great at player development. Can't recruit to save his life.
3. Greg Schiano. Good DC, not so good at the HC-specific stuff. Good at everything else.
4. Jim Leavitt. Sort of like Schiano, except a raging psychopath who takes a lot of sketchy recruits and transfers. Atrocious in-game strategy.
5. Dave Wannstedt. Yeah, he can't coach. But his recruiting is just so good, he's poised to Zook his way to success.
6. Steve Kragthorpe. Was thought of highly at Tulsa, but last year was an unmitigated disaster.
7. Greg Robinson. Actually is a good DC. Horrible at everything else.

N/A: Bill Stewart. Career assistant. One amazing bowl game, but still too early to tell otherwise. Has gotten off to a great start in recruiting, but can he put together the Xs and Os like RichRod? Or is he just the next, *gasp*, Larry Coker?