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Here and there

Jamaal Westerman is moving to DT apparently. This moves happened because there's a lot of depth at DE, and true sophomore Justin Francis apparently is not going to return for brandishing a plastic gun a month ago. That hurts the depth at DT, and he was a very heralded recruit.

Here in Yankeeland, there's still a month to go before the spring game. Information is also VERY tightly controlled, so all we really have to go on now are the scraps that they occasionally feed us.

Today the Star Ledger filed the first decent report in a while. The offense is supposedly far ahead of the defense. Anthony Davis was looking really good, and other standouts were Keith Stroud (early enrollee WR, prepped last year, probably won't play a lot because of the depth chart), DT Pete Tverdov, and LB Manny Abreu (really needed, because our LB play was very bad last year). Some praise too for the young OL.

However, the same reporter really tore into the decision to move the team's most experienced DE to DT, somehow holding it as an indictment of the quality of the young reserve DTs. They're still really inexperienced, and often you don't see results from that position right away. The running game looked good, but the flipside of that was that the run defense was struggling.