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Response to MgoBlog

MgoBlog has a new entry about Greg Schiano's potential candidacy for the Michigan job, from their perspective.

Make no mistake - just because Schiano loves blitzing, that doesn't mean he isn't just as conservative as Carr or Ferentz when it comes to offense or gameplanning in general. Two trick plays in one game don't counterbalance his entire career. He would run the ball 50 times per game if he could.

The number one reason Martin is even considering him is because he'd definitely keep on DeBord and English (this is my guess considering his immense conservatism and blind loyalty to certain players and assistants). He's a great fit here. His main strength is as a salesman, a program builder, and as a recruiter with great local connections in New Jersey. I'm frankly not sure why Michigan even wants him when you all hate Ferentz so much. It also seems very unlikely that he'd leave.

I also think he's a very good recruiter. He's tireless, yes. But you're making too much of the helicopter thing. Schiano uses it for preferred walk-ons just as much as he does for the stars. The program was a tough sell for some time. Their recent recruits aren't a parade of ** MAC rejects. We're beating the Iowas and Michigan States of the world for ***s, baby!