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The last two games, and the future

What needs to be done, and what's been going wrong...

1. Replacing Jack Corcoran with Jean Beljour at FB. This was already done in the Cincy game.

2. Get Mason Robinson some touches at RB to give Rice a bit of a breather, and add a big play element to the offense.

3. Kevin Haslam at RG. I think the problem is mostly that him and Blaze at C are just inexperienced, so putting Anthony Davis in the starting lineup isn't going to help a whole lot there. Haslam really does look like a future stud, but he's more of a left tackle. Doesn't seem to have the bulk for RG. Roughly, imagine D'Brickashaw Ferguson trying to pancake guys downfield. I guess Davis could help here, but I don't really think him or Mazan in the starting lineup at C would help all that much.

4. At TE, Schiano seems to have gotten tired of the senior blocking specialists, and the all-catch freshmen who aren't making any catches. So it's back to the former walk-on, who's not exactly Gary Brackett or Ramel Meekins at this point (amazing former walkon DT).

5. Inexperience more than anything has hurt the pass rush. Eric Foster has been playing through an injury.

6. At MLB, the spring starter, Ryan D'Imperio, is lucky to even be playing only in spot duty. He's slowly being worked into the starting lineup, and I think things will get much better when he's in there. Blair Bines, another backup LB, is really athletic and might have won the MLB job if he wasn't injured in camp. He should be back soon. It might be time to start looking at some of the awesome freshmen like Manny Abreu and Antonio Lowery on the outside. Schiano wanted Brandon Renkart (awesome guy in the locker room, engineering scholarship, former walk-on) to give the unit veteran leadership, but he seems to be overmatched.

7. Not exactly sure what they can do at CB. To think we barely missed out on Malcolm Jenkins. The unit is better than it has been, but still just too young and lacking depth.

8. Ron Girault is still out at a safety spot.

9. Ito actually had a good FG vs. Cincy, but his kickoffs are still lacking and his punts are awful (he did more traditional punts instead of rugby ones). It is not a good idea to tire him out with punting. Give the walk-ons a chance. FYI, we signed a JUCO punter from CA who supposedly has a monster leg but can't handle a snap.

10. Kickoff coverage/returns. I can't understand why we're so awful here and always have been. Can't really fire the ST coach because he's too important to the team.

Am I worried? A little. They can't beat USF at this rate, and probably not WVU. I'm not remotely afraid of Syracuse. If that upset were to occur, it truly would be panic time.