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Let me go over the WR depth chart at the start of fall practice

Starting Flanker: RS-SR Shawn Tucker, by far the best WR on the team and would be an NFL prospect if not for numerous injuries. Missed all of 04 after a brilliant breakout campaign in 03. Still getting back to gamespeed last year. He was going to be the man this year, but was injured in garbage time vs. Howard in game 4 and missing the entire season, probably costing him a potential NFL career to boot.

Starting Split End: SO Tiquan Underwood. Injured vs. WVU, will be back for spring practice.

Slot: SR Marcus Daniels, has been in the slot for 3 straight years, big WR with speed to boot. He was injured in camp, redshirted, and will be back next year.

KR: SR "Windmill" Willie Foster. In general has had a shitty year, not breaking big returns like he did last year, and he completely failed to take on a larger role on the field. He's still healthy, but rarely plays outside of returns.

3rd string: RS-SO Keith Taylor. Big and fast, but still somewhat of a project. I've heard raves about his potential, but he was injured in camp and missed the season.

RS-FR Dennis Campbell. Converted CB who is another burner but has shown poor hands. Lost playing time as season went on, many think he should go back to CB. Still healthy.

4th string: RS-JR James Townsend. Purely a speed guy. He's the one who dropped the big TD catch vs. WVU. Still healthy.

FR Shamar Graves. Big, physical possession receiver who was injured a few weeks ago and is finished for he year.

5th string:

FR Tim Brown. Occassionally got for bomb plays throughout the year (5.8 with 4.3 speed), one finally worked vs. WVU. Healthy.

FR Kenny Britt. An emerging star. Has shot up through the depth chart and been basically dominant for the past month.

So out of all of those guys, here's what we have left.

True freshman Britt and RS-FR Campbell likely starting, Brown in the slot, and Townsend/Foster as backups. There's a serious lack of experience there. The team also has called plays to true freshman RB Kordell Young, who is much faster than Rice and a better receiver. Him and the TEs will probably see a bigger role. Still, injuries at this position have really killed us this year. The one positive is the emergence of Britt, who seriously makes me hard. They are so green now, but this group will rule in the future even if Campbell is moved to back to CB (he should be).

The one thing we don't lack is pure speed. Townsend, Foster, Campbell, and Taylor run 4.4s. Brown is a 4.3. Britt is like a 4.45, and Tucker/Daniels/Graves around 4.5. THAT is why you have to recruit Florida. We also have a couple of other 4.4 guys on the roster, two backup RBs and some CBs that are being redshirted. I honestly think the team is one of the fastest in the country, and that's why they were able to take teams by the surprise this year (keep in mind, speed also means CBs that go 4.4 and 4.45, LBs that run 4.6s, Ss who run 4.5, super-agile DL who stunt and twist, etc...). But they're also shockingly physical in the running game, with a zone scheme that emphasizes agility and athleticism over pure bulk.

The exception that proves the rule is Rice, who is honestly a 4.6 guy. Brian Leonard could beat him in a foot race.

Also, back to injuries. We have apparently lost a backup OL on the two-deep for good to career-ending shoulder surgery. An important backup S/dynamite STer was also lost for the season, bad news since we lost another backup S for good earlier in the year. I am worried about defensive backfield depth (another CB is out for the year) vs. K-State, although not nearly as WR.