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Rockies Fan up for the MLB Fan Cave!

Hello Everyone! My name is Calder Cahill and I've recently been selected as a Top 50 finalist to the MLB Fan Cave. If you're not familiar, the Fan Cave allows me to watch every baseball game this season in New York City and represent the ROCKIES on a national level -- something I do anyway on my couch at home, only now it won't be as socially frowned upon. If you can all help by clicking the link and voting for me (as many times as you want), that would be super appreciated. Thanks Purple Row fans!!! Calder C

Scott Machado: A Point Guard With Vision, Even if He Needs Glasses

In December, dealing with dizziness, Machado went to see a neurologist and an ophthalmologist, both on the same day. To his relief, nothing appeared on the neurologist’s magnetic resonance imaging scan. But the eye doctor prescribed something new: glasses. Machado is mildly myopic. In order words, Machado, whose court vision has helped him become the nation’s leader with 10.0 assists a game, recently discovered he is nearsighted. "Wow, that’s actually pretty funny," Manhattan Coach Steve Masiello said. "The best point guard in the country couldn’t see. He sure doesn’t show it." http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/10/sports/ncaabasketball/iona-guard-scott-machado-passes-his-way-to-prominence.html?_r=1&hpw

Hurricane Irene May Impact Our Coverage

Pretty much every one of our writers at The Nova Blog is from the New York City or Philadelphia area - and Irene is heading straight for us (though it is weakening). However, NYC evacuations plans are calling for power to be shut off, so we may lose the ability to be active here for a while. In our absence, it's up to you to help keep this place up to date. FanPosts and FanShot time people!

"He’s my favorite basketballist"

...[A]long the avenues in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, the enclave of Russian immigrants, those who professed to be Knicks fans said they were pleased that Timofey Mozgov, a Russian who was also sent to Denver as part of the deal, had served a higher purpose in bringing in a superstar. "Carmelo is legend," Paata Abuladze, 36, from Georgia, the former Soviet republic, said on Brighton Beach Avenue. "He’s my favorite basketballist, after Kobe Bryant." Mr. Abuladze speculated that Mr. Mozgov might end up with the Nets, whose principal owner is a Russian oligarch, Mikhail Prokhorov.

Rutgers alumni a force in NYC metro

In a followup to his recent piece about college football in New York City, Kevin Clark polled various alumni associations to determine which school has the most alumni in the New York City metropolitan area. Which is fine, but the article only includes figures from a few traditional power schools, along with a few recent upstarts like Utah and West Virginia. Among schools not mentioned at all are Rutgers-New Brunswick, which has more enrolled undergraduates than any other school in metropolitan NYC (NYU is bigger when you take into account their extensive graduate and professional programs.) According to publicly available data, Rutgers has 216,855 alumni living in the state of New Jersey. 20,231 live in New York, and 3,990 in Connecticut. While all of them do not necessarily live in the NYC metro area, there is absolutely no doubt that the total figure dwarfs any program on that list. Any contention that New York City has affinity for Penn State, based on this article at least, is total bupkis.

SU Snuggie, As Seen in the Orange Holiday Catalog

I know someone on here posted a link to a photo of a Syracuse Snuggie box. But here it is in action, in the Orange Gear holiday catalog. I see the old SU logo. The new block S (in blue). A basketball going through a hoop with the curved block "SYRACUSE." A football helmet. But that last logo I can't quite make out. Is it an apple? Is this Snuggie connecting Syracuse to NYC?

On the Last Day of My Vacation...

Vick?!?!?! I was in NYC last week, teaching my wife how to get around on the subway and pretend that you don't smell the fresh piss. On the last night there, w/ an extremely early morning (3:30AM?) blue bus/shuttle to LGA to catch our flight back to Orlando.. she notices a friend's Facebook status update w/ the news.. that well isn't news to you guys by now. We're still processing this.. what's I'll read through the other posts to see your thoughts.. but seeing as they may have changed dramatically, feel free to comment your current feelings... PS. Our flight was overbooked, we opted out for a direct.. and got bumped to first class, sweeeeet.. got back earlier too, in time to catch the introduction press con.

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