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Running Back Akeel Lynch Re-Commits To Penn State


Former Boston College and current Penn State commit Akeel Lynch reaffirmed his commitment to play college football in Happy Valley. Lynch made the announcement late Friday night on Twitter.

Penn State DT Jamil Pollard Commits To Rutgers Over Boston College


The fifth player was one that was heavily recruited by Boston College and nearly switched his commitment last December. Jamil Pollard, a 6-foot-5, 285-pound two-way lineman, has officially...

Jamil Pollard chooses Rutgers over Penn State


As could have been expected, Silas Redd's departure to USC has opened up the floodgates at Penn State. Khairi Fortt has left for Cal, Kevin Haplea is now a Seminole, Robert Bolden is going to LSU, and some safety you've never heard of went to NC State. This is on the heels of Ryan Nowicki leaving, and rumors about freshman OL Brian Gaia, RB Akeel Lynch, K Anthony Fera, and LB Mike Hull. The cracks are starting to show, and frankly, this may only be the beginning. For now, Rutgers will have to be satisfied with DT Jamil Pollard. This is interesting in the sense that he reportedly had qualifying issues as a recruit, which is why I initially didn't see him as a realistic possibility. He made it through the clearing house into Penn State though, and once the sanctions hit, high-tailed it out of there at the first opportunity. This is a fun little bit of payback for years of Penn State bullying. Let it be the first of many. So, how will this affect the roster moving forward? You'd think Jamil ends up on defense, given that Rutgers just signed a ton of offensive linemen and all. Last year's class did have two DE/DT tweeners in Pinnix and Hammer. Traditionally those guys would have grown into DTs at Rutgers, but who knows, maybe this is part of the new trend with big tackles like Al Page and Marquise Wright. DTs bust pretty often, so that has to curb any premature celebration somewhat, but that is precisely why these recruits are worth their weight in gold. If we are actually going to run a defense that uses big tackles now, well then, that's even more for the better.

Penn State Class of 2012: Reasons for Excitement on Defense


Bill O'Brien managed to salvage a respectable recruiting class immediately after taking over at Penn State. We pick apart the class and discuss which defensive players we are most excited about to...

Penn State Recruiting Class of 2012: Meet Jamil Pollard


Jamil Pollard committed to Penn State while the Nittany Lions were still without a head coach. But that kind of character, and a whole lot of skill on the field, comes natural.

Penn State Recruiting Class of 2012 Recap


Penn State Recruiting Class of 2012 Recap #psu #pennstate (by @EpicTripod)

Penn State Football Recruiting Update: O'Brien & Staff Face First Major Test


Now Complete, Bill O'Brien and Staff Face First Major Test: A Major PSU Recruiting Weekend (by @EpicTripod)

DT Jamil Pollard Re-Commits To Penn State Over Boston College


DT Jamil Pollard Re-Commits To Penn State Over Boston College


Boston College Football Recruiting Update: Jamil Pollard, David Smith And Sam Grant

An update on Boston College football's recruiting efforts for the Class of 2012.

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