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2010 Big East football predictions


In order to get the jump on Tuesday's official media poll, here are my preseason Big East predictions, listed in order of predicted conference record. 1. Pittsburgh (6-1) Bill Stull was an...

Nice going there, Big East


Imagine for a moment a hypothetical perfect candidate for Big East commissioner. What if one such individual was coming off a tenure at the helm of the Big XII, and subsequently oversaw the...

What If? Five Big East historical counterfactuals


If there's one thing this site is all about, even moreso than Rutgers athletics, it's historical revisionism. Rutgers started playing football in 1869, not 2005, and anyone who takes the latter is...

Don Geiss will have his revenge on us all


West Virginia coach Bill Stewart recently made some surprisingly candid comments about the future of the Big East. WVU has as much to lose as any program, having probably the best combination of...

As the Big East turns


When Memphis hired former Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese as a consultant several months back, I was immediately terrified that he'd use his nefarious Providence (ugh, the very mention of that...

The latest on undeserved riches


There was an interesting thread on Pitt's Rivals board last week. Remember that story from two weeks ago regarding Barry Alvarez and Big Ten expansion? The article's author supposedly went on a...

Randy Edsall: perennial recruiting sourpuss


If there's one thing you can count on from UConn's Randy Edsall, is that he'll use his bully pulpit at every and all opportunities to smother the hysteria surrounding the college football...

The Northern Front


There are a couple related developments to talk about, so I'm going to pull some material from tomorrow's recruiting post for here. First up, there's the ongoing Malcolm Cater saga, a tug-o-war...

Shoe's on the other foot


In case any Rutgers fans were feeling despondent on the heels of another cruel throttling at the hands of Georgetown/Marquette/insert_next_opponent_here, there's always comfort to be had in...

Anatomy of a conspiracy theory


If there's one thing that I never expected to see, it was fans of another school alleging that Rutgers football has so much cachet and influence that the recruiting sites artificially pump up their...

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