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Big East Files Countersuit Against West Virginia


In best Joe Pesci voice, "Oh, a counter-offer."

West Virginia Big 12 Move Contingent on 2012 Availability?

UPDATE: Apparently, it's not contingent. Typical. Well played Neinas. Original: Things just got interesting. Hardline Marinatto, hardline!

BlueGoldNews Reporting Possible Early Exit Terms

Sources confirmed to BlueGoldNews.com that Pittsburgh -- which announced in late September that it will leave the Big East for the ACC -- was told it could avoid the Big East’s 27-month waiting period to exit by paying a sum of approximately $21 million. It is believed Syracuse, which is also making the Big East-to-ACC move, was given the same opportunity. Sources could not confirm the same opportunity had been extended to WVU by Friday morning, but they expected a similar offer would allow the school to move to the Big 12 as quickly as the 2012-13 athletic year.

MetroNews Confirms: WVU Is In

MetroNews has learned that WVU has been invited to the Big 12 and has accepted. The sources tell MetroNews that the story first reported this morning by CBS has been confirmed. "It's final," U.S. Senator Joe Manchin said on Friday's MetroNews Talkline. "We accepted. They extended as the deal was proposed and it has been finalized."

West Virginia gets Big 12 invite


Louisville will NOT be going, but you can kiss the Hill People goodbye (after 27 months of course). We'll miss the couch burning. Seriously.

Manchin, Rockefeller, Capito Issue Statements on WVU to Big 12 Situation


Three members of WV's Congressional delegation have issued statements, throwing their hats into the ring supporting a WVU move to the Big XII, while condemning and vowing to investigate any possible behind the scenes political tampering.

WVU To The Big 12 On Hold, Louisville Might Be The Reason Why


You don't say? I mean, no matter which one leaves the Big East is absolutely screwed - but this could be a fascinating power struggle that plays out over the next week or so.

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves


I was lukewarm on this until McMurphy came out and said it. He's been the only guy to follow throughout this whole mess. Oh, and somebody wake up Marinatto and let him know. This is kind of important.

Done deal: West Virginia Headed To The Big 12 Conference


Updated link (now Charleston Daily Mail). If Mike Casazza says it, you can believe it.

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