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Remembering an even weirder sports story than Manti Te'o: Mike Danton

Mike Danton With the sports world gripped by the story of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o, I've been brought back to the last "most bizarre...

Leigh Steinberg welcomes tolerance for gay athletes - and an apology to Steinberg

Sometimes we at Outsports get it wrong. I certainly do. And when I'm wrong, I've gotta admit it and apologize. Yesterday I wrote a post about Leigh Steinberg. The uber-sports-agent had written a...

Poll shows 90% of English soccer fans are gay-friendly, blame closet on agents

Revelations that sports aren't as homophobic as long thought are becoming a broken record in the mainstream media. The latest is yet still another poll that shows fans don't care if a player is gay...

Andrew Brunette fires Todd Reynolds, says it's not because of anti-gay Tweet

Various Web sites reported yesterday that Todd Reynolds, the hockey agent who recently Tweeted that marriage is only between a man and a woman, has lost a client because of said Tweet. The...

Sports agents issue messages of support for gays in response to Uptown Sports

Uptown Sports president Donald G. Reynolds Hockey professionals are speaking out quickly and clearly against anti-gay comments made by...

Larry Johnson weekend recap

A couple notes about the Larry Johnson story from over the weekend: Johnson's agent, Peter Schafer, told TMZ that he had no idea the word "faggot" bothered some people. "I'm learning that there's a...

Larry Johnson makes it clear: He's not sorry

Larry Johnson has issued the clearest statement yet that he doesn't regret using the word faggot, and that his apologies were truly hollow: He is appealing his one-game suspension. Agent Peter...

Quick hits: Yankees, Boras, Nationals, Favre

If the Yankees were just 3-4 against the Red Sox this season, they'd have a 2-game division lead. Another example of the horrible nature of sports agents: Boras wants crazy money for a rookie...

Yep, Chelsea are still shelling out loads to agents

The Premier League on Tuesday gave us a look at what clubs have been spending on agent fees and the like. Chelsea are at the top of the list. Shocking. The club spent a cool £9,293,751.48 over...

Parrish the thought

I love* it when agents pimp their players to the press: "No really, there's interest in my guy! Tell the fans! Spread the buzz!"*may be sarcasticBut it's particularly amusing when an agent ties the...

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