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non-athletics Rutgers University matters

Like Watching Rutgers Sports? Help it Get B1gger


Rutgers has started an RStarter to help improve RVision.

RU Sports? Let's try academics just for kicks


Graduation brings out the best at a university. It did at Rutgers as Eric LeGrand and Alexi Lalas received their degrees. But Rutgers is B1G on and off the field.

The changing landscape of New Brunswick


What recent retail successes and failures in New Brunswick reveal

Julie Hermann Did Some Good Recently (Really)


Julie Hermann has been (rightfully) criticized for words and actions that, at a minimum, could benefit from a lot more savvy. But some new hires show she may be making strides toward a better future.

Eric LeGrand Will Speak After All


No one knows what's going on.

Rutgers tells LeGrand "Thanks, but no thanks"


Good 'ole SUNJ disses one of our most beloved loyal sons.

Friday Knight Sites -- Week of April 7


Links and updates on Scarlet Knights news for the week of April 7

Rutgers Hires Tom Luicci


The former writer for the Star-Ledger has a new job at Rutgers.

Keith Sargeant on Hermann and the Media


This is one of the most reasonable and poignant takes on the controversy so far, and I think it's fair to say that both Hermann and the Star-Ledger have reached critical mass in enmity for each other. In any case, I have always respected Keith Sargeant's work, and this is another good editorial on the matter.

Julie Hermann's War


J-j-j-julie's in the news.

Friday Knight Sites


Links and News from Rutgers Athletics This Week

On The Banks is Looking for Writers!


We're looking for a few good men or women to help us take On The Banks to the next level. If you're interested, check this out.

Eric LeGrand Gets His Degree


Congratulations Eric! I can say from all of us here at OTB that we couldn't ask for a classier guy to represent Rutgers.

My New Brunswick


The old College Town had a pulse.

Happy New Year: Bring On 2014


Let's put 2013 behind us, because it's an era of new beginnings at the State University of New Jersey.

Does Bob Smith suddenly have a Rutgers problem?


The New Jersey State Senator's challenger in this year's race, Brian Levine, the Republican Mayor of Franklin Township, would seem to think so. New Jersey's seventeenth legislative district covers New Brunswick and Piscataway, along with neighboring, Rutgers-adjacent towns like North Brunswick, Milltown, and Franklin in Somerset County. Rutgers has a big presence all over New Jersey, Central Jersey, and especially Middlesex and Somerset counties, but arguably nowhere more than this district,, where the university is the prime economic driver of the district's economy.

With Steve Sweeney continuing his despicable anti-Rutgers crusade, it at minimum is fair for Levine to ask Smith how he can keep having it both ways. One can't be both a friend of Rutgers University and support the gutter politics of Sweeney and his puppet master George Norcross. This is not a problem for Levine, who is unapologetically pro-Rutgers. Smith, and other Middlesex Democrats, may soon face a hard choice however. Sweeney and Norcross need to be persona non grata in the county, with it being especially grating to seen the unwelcome Sweeney continuing to dare to show his face in the Hub City; the same city that he is trying to strip mine for the benefit for Rowan.

Steve Sweeney declares war on Rutgers


Fresh off an embarrassing, all-encompassing public humiliation in 2012, when the Rutgers Board of Trustees utterly annihilated George Norcross's plans to destroy Rutgers-Camden, Norcross's insipid puppet Steve Sweeney is at it again. This time, the incompetent, unqualified Sweeney seeks to dissolve the Rutgers Board of Trustees; a move that is completely illegal according to New Jersey's 1956 Rutgers Act. At best, passing this legislation will lead to a costly legal battle that Rutgers will surely win. At worst, it could lead to the privatization of New Jersey's state university to ensure that our cherished assets stay out of Norcross's grubby little hands. He wants to turn Rutgers into a patronage mill instead of a school. We're not going to let him, even if he was able to get away with stealing $49 million from the Rutgers budget to spend on satellite campuses.

Rutgers-Newark > Syracuse


The infinite superiority of Rutgers-New Brunswick to Syracuse is already clear and evident. In a bit of a surprising development however, it has now come to light that the Rutgers satellite campus in Newark is superior to Syracuse as well, with Syracuse chancellor Nancy Cantor deciding to relocate from Syberia to a campus actually located in the New York City metropolitan area. Guess she couldn't get enough of the Dinorsaur BBQ.What's also interesting about this is that Cantor is arguably more qualified than Rutgers president Robert Barchi. If they can get someone like Cantor for a satellite campus, what caliber of candidate will run the flagship in New Brunswick? This also does finally put to rest those ridiculous lies that Pres. Barchi is a racist and hates Newark, even though they never had any validity to begin with. Barchi is probably not a long-term president, but he does have a lot of job security given the importance of making sure that the UMDNJ merger goes through smoothly. if something were to happen though...that's a pretty nice replacement to have waiting in house.

Scarlet flags at half mast


Rutgers and New Jersey lose one of their own

Julie Hermann sex discrimination law suit


It never ends, as Julie Hermann was at the center of ANOTHER scandal at Louisville. She not only needs to be fired or forced to resign, she should have never been picked. This is easily the worst athletic director selection in DI history.

Demand justice for Tim Pernetti


"Everyone was on board with the suspension, including the Committee for Athletics, which included several members of the Board of Governors, and the president of the university to the point that Pernetti was effusively praised in December board meetings for his handling of the situation by all parties," the source said. "When the tape came out in April, although Pernetti shared in December that it would, they isolated Tim, and reacted to the media and the public outcry. Trenton had their hands in this too."

Demand justice for Tim Pernetti

Rutgers may have violated gender discrimination laws


Multiple sources confirmed that committee co-chairwoman Kate Sweeney, who personally added Hermann to the list presented by Parker Executive Search, was intent on getting a woman hired, a plan so obvious that it caused some male candidates to pull themselves from consideration when they felt it was apparent Hermann was the clear favorite.

And now Rutgers is probably going to be subject to a hiring discrimination lawsuit. Pushing for women and minorities to get opportunities to be hired for one thing, but what Sweeney is alleged to have done is a violation of federal law.

No funding disparity between Rutgers campuses


Another overblown story fizzles out

The Final 3 AD Names


Sean Frazier of Wisconsin. Julie Hermann of Louisville. And. Thomas Boeh of Fresno State. Frazier should be the overall favorite, right? Click the link for more.

New Jersey state senator calls for Tim Pernetti's reinstatement


Ray Lesniak is probably the most prominent Rutgers alumnus in the New Jersey legislature along with John Wisnewski in the assembly. As of tonight, Lesniak is the first prominent New Jersey politician to call for Tim Pernetti's reinstatement as athletic director. As unrealistic (but deserved) as the possibility may be, at least someone is standing up for reason now. Steve Sweeney and Sheila Oliver deserve all the scorn that they can get as the public face of Pernetti's unfair ouster two weeks ago, but as Chris Carlin recounted, Governor Christie deserves plenty of blame as well. He promised Pernetti the world, and went back on his word when the going went rough. If Christie stands up for Pernetti, Tim would still be in charge as we speak. Regardless, Sen. Lesniak as in for a tough re-election fight this year in the Democratic primary in the 20th district (which includes Elizabeth and Union.) Given his courageous actions here, all Rutgers fans who live in that district owe it to themselves to vote for him this year. At the same time, Andy Sisti (the public face of the reinstatement campaign) should try to go after a few other politicians. Wisnewski obviously, and two senators in Dick Codey and Kip Bateman are prominently on the record as big Rutgers football fans, so they are probably at least worth a ring as well.

Grease Trucks rumored to move to student center


From their current spot closer to downtown New Brunswick. The lede in the story is that Rutgers itself may get into the Grease Truck business, but I think the information about their new location is the bigger part, and should hopefully quell any fears about the ultimate fate of the trucks.

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