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Rutgers Recruiting Just Got Stronger


Superstar strength and athletic performance coach EJ Barthel is set to become a member of the Scarlet Knights staff, and he brings a ton of great recruiting relationships with him.

Haters Gonna Hate (R Uniforms?)


The BTN ranked conference uniforms from best to hideous. How did Rutgers fare?

Nova/Friedgen similar to BoB/McGloin


This is a very interesting article, nevermind that it's coming from a Penn State writer. David Jones of offers this apt comparison between two schools that look to have similar situations.

In Bill O'Brien's first year, he inherited Matt McGloin, a former walk-on QB who struggled with consistency. For 2014, new OC Ralph Friedgen will inherit struggling QB Gary Nova. If the same transformation is made with Nova, I think it's safe to say that the Fridge's first year will be a huge success.

Rutgers Gets Its Day in the Sun (er, BTN)


Big Ten Network has rescheduled programming dedicated to the State University of New Jersey.

Darius Hamilton leads RU at 2014 B1G Media Days


Lorenzo Waters and Michael Burton round out the player representatives.

Rutgers and the B1G: Perfect Together


The recent Big Ten conference champions actually share quite a bit in common with RFootball.

Changes happening at High Point Solutions Stadium


Julie wants to see construction. But there are smaller but important changes taking place now in front of the first Big Ten season.

The Emperor Has No Clothes


The Big Ten is a bad football conference.

Q&A with Pick Six Previews


Brett Ciancia of Pick Six Previews reached out to OTB for a preview on the 2014 Scarlet Knights. Check out his questions and my answers in the link above!

Rutgers and B1G Expansion Concerns


Don't blame Rutgers or Maryland for the Big Ten's reputation compared to the SEC.



Come here to express your joy through gifs and sarcasm!

Looking Back: Best of the Big East


On the last day of our old conference and on the eve of joining the Big Ten, let's go back in time and relive some of the great memories

Rutgers' hu-u-u-u-ge athletic subsidy


$47 million dollars ain't chump change. As the late Senator Everett Dirksen once said, "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money." And so is Rutgers and the...

The Problem with "Drives the Bus"


Disclaimer: I like football, but I don't like the phrase.

Always bet on football


as Dave likes to say, it drives the bus.

RFootball looking at KU Transfer Andrew Turzilli


Turzilli is a graduate transfer and will be able to play immediately this fall.

Ian Thomas leaves RFootball - Again


The defensive back's departure leaves the secondary even more vulnerable.

A Walk to Believe reaches $50,000


Current and former players and coaches supported Eric LeGrand at the annual charity event, held at High Point Solutions Stadium.

Rutgers Athletics to be self-sufficient in 10 years


Rutgers is a long ways away from getting that full Big Ten payout in 2021, which is projected to be over $45 million per school. Fear not, true believers, because RU is still getting upgraded by simply being a member. Keith Sargeant reports that Rutgers will receive $9 million in the first B1G season, which is still a lot better than the $1 million the university would have received from the American Athletic Conference.

Lindy's rounds out the season previews


The "experts" are consistently low on Rutgers chances to win.

Athlon likes Kroft, doesn't think much of RU


Not a lot of good to say, especially when the RB position, at #12, is the highest ranking of any position in the B1G by Athlon Sports.

USA Today: Carroo & Johnson All-B1G Team but....


Rutgers sees another 7th place B1G East predictions from the magazines.

Sporting News has RU last in B1G East


The preview magazines are out. Where does Sporting News rank Rutgers in the first season of the Big Ten?

Operation Dark Knight: Preemptive Hate Day Strike


Copy that. Time is 0001 hours and hate day strike from OTE is inbound. Requesting fire clearance for Operation Dark Knight. Copy that, fire clearance confirmed. Going loud...

B1G Leads 2014 Football Academic Rankings


Not too surprising, considering the quality of institutions within the conference. The ACC actually shows a better ranking when looking at the median, but the B1G is tops in terms of mean and vastly superior when looking at the range of quality schools. Rutgers comes in at #31 out of all power conference programs, better than more than half of the entire list. This is consistent with the rest of the B1G. Meanwhile, Nebraska brings down the conference with it's 100+ US News ranking and non-AAU membership. #lolHuskers

OTB Roundtable: Goodbye Big East, Hello B1G


Soundtrack artists for this article include Green Day and Vitamin C.

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