Rutgers football facilities vs. the rest of the Big Ten

"Ohio State’s practice field is better than everybody,’’ DiNardo said. "Wisconsin practices inside its stadium every day. Rutgers is almost identical to Iowa. So no problem with their practice field. "Football facility, Ohio State is better, Penn State is better, Michigan is better (but) they’re better than Northwestern, they’re better than Illinois, they’re better than Purdue."

This is from Keith Sargeant's recent interview with Gerry DiNardo.

Julie Hermann Expects Stringer Back

[Women's Head Coach C. Vivian Stringer} is going to take us into the Big Ten. I don’t know how long we will arm-wrestle over the details of a contract about what she wants and what Rutgers can do, but my intent is for (her) to lead us into the Big Ten and her intent is to do so."

Julie Hermann announced in a wide ranging and compelling interview with Ryan Dunleavy.

Logan Kelley Speaks

Coach’s attitude during our workouts is awesome, everyone’s having fun and is ready to be there every day, Coach (Van) Macon and (David) Cox seem to be revitalized after all the nonsense. Everything is going great and I’m real proud and real glad of how things are going, not just for me, but for everyone."

Logan Kelley speaks after a JSBL game.

Eddie Jordan's Recruiting Acumen

Absolutely, if you meet Jordan he’s a great guy, very personable. His track record speaks for itself. His experience speaks for itself and the kids will want to be a part of that. I’m sure he’ll get more. It’s only the beginning. I’m sure it’s going to be an eye-opener for him and New York City.

Mike Williams' coach Ed Gonzalez talks about how Eddie Jordan is a natural recruiter.

Julie Hermann Speaks

I think I would say with creating a different culture it starts immediately. It starts with how we work as a staff. How we work together, how we can set a tone. I spoke at the (introductory) press conference of healing from the inside out and I think we have tremendous talent on this staff. So it's really about empowering them and setting them free to do what they do well. I think that has already started.

Tom Luicci (among others) scored an interview with Ms. Hermann today.

Demand justice for Tim Pernetti

"Everyone was on board with the suspension, including the Committee for Athletics, which included several members of the Board of Governors, and the president of the university to the point that Pernetti was effusively praised in December board meetings for his handling of the situation by all parties," the source said. "When the tape came out in April, although Pernetti shared in December that it would, they isolated Tim, and reacted to the media and the public outcry. Trenton had their hands in this too."

Demand justice for Tim Pernetti

Rutgers may have violated gender discrimination laws

Multiple sources confirmed that committee co-chairwoman Kate Sweeney, who personally added Hermann to the list presented by Parker Executive Search, was intent on getting a woman hired, a plan so obvious that it caused some male candidates to pull themselves from consideration when they felt it was apparent Hermann was the clear favorite.

And now Rutgers is probably going to be subject to a hiring discrimination lawsuit. Pushing for women and minorities to get opportunities to be hired for one thing, but what Sweeney is alleged to have done is a violation of federal law.

Myles Mack, Another Loyal Son

Whatever I start, I always finish. I started here so I’m going to finish here. I would love for (others) to stay but if they see a career for themselves somewhere else that’s better than here, that’s for them to say.

Myles Mack talked to Jerry Carino today.

Hurley Tested, Hurley Approved.

Eddie is a good choice. He brings NBA experience. There’s a lot of stuff that would make somebody want to play for him if they’re not completely damaged by what happened."

Bob Hurley, Sr. talked to Zach Braziller of the NY Post about the impending Jordan hire.

Pernetti is Safe

A source close to the Rutgers University Board of Trustees told "Outside the Lines" on Wednesday afternoon that "Pernetti's job is safe" because of his prior work on getting Rutgers into a lucrative Big 10 deal last fall.

Per this ESPN article.

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