Links to a Few Rutgers Basketball Articles

Brendan Prunty covered the JSBL games recently, focusing on how wins and losses are unimportant, but the growing chemistry is. Also, he chronicles the process of getting 9 Rutgers players on one team. Meanwhile Adam Zagoria says Myes Mack and Jerome Seagears are developing chemistry with each other. He says both may start in RU's 2011-2012 backcourt, but to not rule out Mike Poole. And finally, what to expect from former RU Player Mike Rosario, now that he's a Florida Gator.

Delon Stephenson coming to the Banks

New Jersey loves Rutgers football, but there may be no deeper stronghold for the program than in the Raritan Valley towns located in Middlesex County and Somerset County. If there's a upper-level FBS prospect from the Greater Middlesex Conference, something is seriously out of whack if a GMC prospect does not land at Rutgers, or even is not an ironclad lock to Rutgers. Sayreville is no exception, and there are few municipalities with deeper ties to Scarlet Knight football. Dave Milewski and Daryl Stephenson signed with Rutgers in the preceding two classes, and now Rutgers has made it three-for-three with the commitment of Daryl's younger brother Delon. Delon Stephenson's talent isn't in question. He's a solid prospect, but his offer list is suffering due to academic concerns. Some fans are wondering now where this leaves the state of the team's DB recruiting, with 4-5 really good prospects still on the board. Well, some will probably grow into LBs if they sign, or possibly play other positions. Stephenson will be a good player if he makes it, and if he doesn't, RU will just use the scholarship for someone else. Don't really see the downside here, although it's going to be difficult watching one or two good defensive back prospects who want to attend Rutgers left out in the cold this year.

Tight end Mike Giacone commits to Rutgers

Your move, Don Bosco. St. Peter's Prep has taken the early edge in the race between the two North Jersey prep heavyweights to see which will have the most prospects sign with Rutgers this year. With the commitment of Westfield tight end Mike Giacone, SPP struck first. Not happy about taking a back seat to Prep, Bosco? There's a few rising seniors who could change that in an instant. Today the spotlight belongs to Giacone however, and he looks like an excellent prospect with a good chance to be a multi-year starter. RU gets the #1 TE on the board, and now the staff can can rest easy for the time being, secure in the knowledge that they have plenty of future depth at the position. The above link should have video of Giacone's announcement at some point.

2015 RU-PSU game may need to find a new week

Buffalo announced today that they are playing Penn State on Sept. 12, 2015. I can't find an official source on this (anyone?), but several internet sources had previously listed RU's 2015 road game in Happy Valley on that date. The 2014 home game against PSU seems safe and secure. Moving the 2015 road game back or forward by a few weeks seems like a relative non-event. Hope you don't need to give 42 months advance notice at work or anything. Update: the game is being moved to 9/19.

Mike Rice Talks SJU Loss and Sets Goals

Interesting that Rice wants to see the team reach 9 Big East wins. That's likely an NCAA team. Got to hand to the coach, he never backs down.

Eli Carter Scores 27 in JSBL Game

Carter stepped up, and the JSBL team filled with Rutgers players looks to be finally coming together. After swaggering in and losing a ton, they've now won 2 straight. In this game, Wally Judge also played some clutch defense. According to his Twitter, Brendan Prunty said he thought Myles Mack, Carter, and Derrick Randall would be able to contribute right away next year. I'll be attending Thursday night's game, so expect a full report shortly after it's over.

Biruta and the Lithuanian Team Win Title

The Under 20 Lithuanian team went 3-0 to take the Torneo Internacional de Barakaldo title. According to the linked article, Biruta scored 18 points in Friday night's game.

Men's Soccer Announces Regular Season Schedule

The team begins with an exhibition against Seton Hall. They close with USF at the end of October. It will be interesting to see how the team improves in the second season under coach Dan Donigan.

Rutgers struggles in Director's Cup rankings

If you ever wondered why Rutgers spends so much money on athletics, part of the reason is because a lot of its programs need the help. Rutgers has struggled in Director's Cup rankings for a while now, and 2011 was no exception, as Rutgers finished 158th; supposedly the lowest ranking for any BCS conference team that plays football. The Scarlet Knights only received points on the year for women's basketball and wrestling. Some athletic department programs that usually do well, like track & field and women's soccer, had down years in '10-'11. RU fell from 96th last year, This ranking is more of an indictment of former athletic director Bob Mulcahy's handling of the athletic department's Olympic sports (besides wrestling) than anything else. Tim Pernetti has hired new coaches for programs like men's soccer, soccer, and now lacrosse, and cannot be fairly judged in those areas until the new hires have a chance to rebuild and establish themselves.

UConn fans embracing college football recruiting?

Kevin from The UConn Blog is a smart guy who should probably write more, so who's to say whether he used to share UConn football fans' traditional animosity towards college football recruiting. Randy Edsall loathed the recruiting game to the extent of downright animosity, and for a time Husky fans just seemingly took their cue from up on high and internalized Edsall's sentiment. Which was fine, because Edsall made up for his gruffness with superior scouting and talent development. It was always kind of a weird stance though, considering the state of UConn's basketball programs, but football is not basketball for one thing. If Kevin's post is representative, then the sentiment that recruiting doesn't matter might be morphing into something more reasonable, along the lines of "recruiting matters, but isn't always 100% definitive." If that is the case, then welcome to a decade ago, please enjoy your stay. It would hard for any coach to be a worse recruiter than Edsall was at UConn, and if you're looking for the very definition of a run-of-the-mill, mundane, replacement-level coach, Paul Pasqualoni most certainly qualifies. Of course recruiting isn't 100% bunk. One quick glance at UConn's depth chart at their offensive skill positions is fairly strong confirmation and evidence of that. Edsall was always able to find and develop diamonds in the rough on the offensive line and defense, but when it came to running backs, his strategy was usually to offer a scholarship to a talented prospect with academic issues, and hope that nobody would notice or care. Recruiting didn't matter, except when it did.


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