2010 NJ recruiting washouts continue

Remember how the Rutgers staff thought the in-state 2010 recruiting class was terrible, but ended up getting criticized by recruiting analysts like Mike Farrell and Bob Lichtenfels for supposedly missing out on the top in-state talent that year, even though Rutgers intentionally didn't offer many of the bigger names? The early returns tend to vindicate Rutgers, even if players like Doug Rigg and Bryan Murphy do eventually see significant playing time this fall. Rutgers only showed lukewarm interest in receiver Shakim Phillips due to his lack of speed and athleticism. Fighting an injury, he barely played for BC as a true freshman, and now is no longer on their roster. Yeah, I'd say Schiano made the right call in going for Brandon Coleman instead. Similarly, center Brandon Sacco left Pitt, and defensive lineman James Kittredge transferred from Vanderbilt to Michigan State.

Sanity is not Mike Rice's strong suit

Click the link for details. And you know what, every Rutgers basketball fan is probably fine with that.

NCAA to allow Ohio State to benefit from cheatng

There you have it. So much for a new push for enforcement against top athletic departments. The NCAA had Ohio State dead to rights. Jim Tressel filed a false affidavit. By their own precedent, they should get hammered worse than USC. But since it's Ohio State, of course they won't. Predictable. Is there any doubt left that UNC too will be allowed to make out ahead for having used ineligible players? The only question left is why people actually believe the NCAA's periodically-repeating rounds of tough talk, when decades of evidence point towards selective enforcement and double standards.

West Virginia A.D. Oliver Luck gets his facts wrong

Rutgers fans generally admire West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck for his willingness to buck the Big East conference leadership. However, at a recent speaking engagement, Luck got the facts wrong when comparing Rutgers and West Virginia. Generating revenue will be a huge challenge for all the Big East teams, Luck said, noting that Rutgers' athletic program had a $25 million deficit. "Unlike Rutgers and most other schools, WVU has a self-financing athletic department. ...We are one of only 22 in the nation," Luck said, adding that it's his job to keep it that way. That doesn't sound like an intentional dig, but Luck is wrong. The $25 million figure comes from combining $18m in institutional support and $7m in student fees. West Virginia's athletic department only receives slightly over $50,000 in inst. support, but also receives $4.1m in student fees. If student fees count as a deficit for Rutgers, they count for West Virginia. Oliver, Rutgers fans like you; please just apologize, don't make the mistake again, and we'll move on. We have to focus on the real enemies in John Marinatto and the Big East's non-football athletic departments. Either way, now Rutgers can feel far less guilty about gouging WVU fans for tickets this year.

What's Mike Teel up to?

Tweeting from last night's Snapple Bowl, Scarlet Nation reported that record-setting Rutgers QB Mike Teel is the new quarterback coach at Kean University (in Union, NJ.) Questions were abound when Teel left Las Vegas of the UFL last week. Would he try to return to the NFL with their lockout nearing an end? Was he worried about the UFL's future? Mike Teel has not announced his future plans (maybe Scarlet Nation will have an article soon?) yet. However, he would have a very bright future in coaching if he goes in that direction, with many around the Rutgers program seeing him as a future coach during his tenure as an enrolled student athlete. In that sense, the only real surprise in the announcement is that his first coaching job is at Kean, as opposed to being a graduate assistant at Rutgers, or an assistant at Don Bosco Prep. Timing may have been an issue for this year, with the old Pitt coaches bringing over one of their former players in Andrew Janocko as this season's offensive GA. If Teel sticks with coaching, he'll be successful, with the biggest question being whether, a decade or two down the line, he ultimately succeeds Coach Toal at Bosco or Coach Schiano at Rutgers.

But months of intense physical therapy, first at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West...

But months of intense physical therapy, first at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West Orange, N.J., and then at an aunt's home in Jackson Township, have him moving his shoulders and feeling his fingers when he induces them to spasm.

LeGrand Reveals He Feels Spasms in His Fingers. Click the link for video. In another interview from last night's Snapple Bowl, Eric indicated that he feels limited sensations in the rest of his body.

The first thing we are going to do is mental toughness . . . . The first week or two will be...

The first thing we are going to do is mental toughness . . . . The first week or two will be learning to handle adversity. This team has the athletes, it has skill, but it doesn’t have that much experience. What I think we lack is the mental toughness to be successful in the BIG EAST. So I’ll throw some different things at them and we will see where they come out."

Coach Mike Rice on the first practices of the 2011-2012 season. Lots here in the Rutgers Summer Basketball Preview. Rice breaks down every player and what he hopes for the coming season.

Rutgers presidential search in good hands

Rutgers BoG chairman (and PSE&G CEO) Ralph Izzo announced today that the committee searching for the university's next president will be chaired by none other than Motorola CEO Greg Brown. Brown is a Rutgers alumnus and athletics booster, meaning that it is probably safe to assume that the next Rutgers president will support athletics. No word yet though on when Motorola will actually release a 4G Android phone for the Verizon network.

Derrick Nelson verbally commits to Rutgers

After years of recruiting misfires up front, the Rutgers football program is a Ryan Brodie away from landing its dream 2012 offensive line class. The Scarlet Knights always seem to sign one player out of D.C./MD/VA every year, and that quota has been met with Archbishop Carroll guard Derrick Nelson. So much for waiting. RU fans have to be elated to see another good linemen ready to wear Scarlet. It took a while, but expect last year's team weakness to develop again into a strength over the coming years now that Rutgers is successfully recruiting highly-recruited linemen again.


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