APR finally has some teeth


From this point forward, NCAA teams with APR scores below 930 will be banned from postseason play. Think about that for a second. Imagine Syracuse and UConn not making next year's NCAA Tournament; because that is going to happen if these rules are enacted without a fight or backtracking. Both were under 930 in the latest ratings. edit: well, it's going to be phased in, which the reports above didn't emphasize. The consequences for football could be severe too. I was a little confused on Twitter earlier, WVU's 2006 APR was 926 - meaning, if these rules would have been in place at the time, they never play Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Does Michigan even offer Rich Rod the job under that level of negative publicity? Never mind USF, who would have had seemingly a perpetual bowl ban under Jim Leavitt. Sure would have been nice those years for Rutgers to go to some better bowls. With WVU banned in 2006, RU would have gone to the Gator Bowl against Georgia Tech. WVU and USF banned in 2007 could have gotten Rutgers to the or Sun.

Rutgers Basketball Announces Non-Conference Schedule


Highlighted by a visit from Mike Rosario and Florida in December, Rutgers will play 9 non-conference home games. There is also a trip to Cancun with a possible match-up against Illinois. This is a good/tough non-conference schedule for a young team. They'll need to be ready.

Kenny Britt interview from Tennessee radio


Haven't had a chance to listen yet, but this sounds interesting.

More colleges outsourcing ticket sales


USA Today had a story a few days back on Aspire and similar services, which only mentions Rutgers in the context of listing Aspire's clients. There's been a lot of speculation on the boards and such lately about how ticket sales will look in the fall. 4-8 might hurt season ticket sales, and the bad economy won't help, but concrete numbers aren't out there at the moment. Considering they weren't as the season approached last year, we might not get a good estimate of Aspire's success for some time.

Leonte Carroo commits to Rutgers


Edison, Don Bosco, Mountainside, Piscataway; the locale is irrelevant. What matters is that highly-touted wide receiver prospect Leonte Carroo finally went public last night with his verbal commitment to Rutgers over the Cal Bears - an announcement that sent the crowd in attendance into thunderous applause. The rich are getting richer, as a program that's already bursting at the seams with talent at receiver has now secured commitments from New Jersey's three top 2012 receiving prospects in Carroo, Linden's Ruhann Peele, and Somerset's Carlton Agudosi. Now the question immediately becomes whether Peele, and '11 teammates like Gary Nova and Paul Canevari will be able to convince fellow Don Bosco Ironmen like DT Darius Hamilton and LB/S Elijah Shumate to stay home and play at their state university.

Army opens up Yankee Stadium game tickets


The prices aren't ideal, but they're a lot better than the Pinstripe Bowl bundle that the Yankees are forcing fans to buy. Let's make this a sea of Scarlet in a Rutgers home game.

Politi on the perception problem


It's little surprise that a Penn State fan traveled to the Big East media day seemingly for the sole purpose of taking shots at Rutgers football, as it long established everyone associated with Penn State is an irredeemable monster. Maybe it's time to draft another rambling complaint to Joe Posnanski about his upcoming Joe Paterno hagiography. Rutgers finished in last place in this week's Big East media poll, and Steve Politi reports that this sentiment was widespread at the Big East meetings. Well, no one signed up to be a Rutgers football fan because it was going to be a cakewalk. It's easy to a bandwagon. By definition, if someone's intent on talking and reading about Rutgers athletics online, they're a diehard. There's no sense in getting upset about the poor perception of Rutgers football this year though. By and large, journalists are not logicians. They're not football experts. They're reporters, tasked primarily with writing, and with cultivating sources. Those are the primary tasks of their job. Being great at analyzing the action is a plus, but it's not a job requirement; which is why the rare skilled analyst tends to rise above the crop. The exact same caveat applies to television executives. They all can't have the long-term vision of Tim Pernetti's refusal to accept John Marinatto's submission to ESPN several months back.

More from Paul Zeise on BE expansion


Zeise's thoughts on UCF and Houston are pretty much what have been here in the past. Villanova isn't even worth discussing at this point.

Josh Newman and Jerry Carino Recap the JSBL


Each RU player (save Wally Judge) is profiled. Special attention is given to Myles Mack. Lots of upside here.

Mike Poole Improving in NYC


The NY POST checks in on Poole and sees he's putting up impressive stats in a summer league in NYC. Good to see he's trying to work on his outside shot and ball handling, as those were his biggest flaws last year. Poole is a really good defender and struck me as someone with great upside. And, apparently, his goal is to win a national championship next year. Meanwhile, Adam Zagoria has video of Mike Poole guaranteeing a post-season bid.

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