On Friday, Munchak, informed Britt the team has no plans to discipline him for his offseason...

On Friday, Munchak, informed Britt the team has no plans to discipline him for his offseason shenanigans, which included at least three incidents involving police during the 4½-month lockout.

Kenny Britt will avoid team discipline from the Tennessee Titans. With the NFL unlikely to punish him for actions occurring while there was no CBA, it appears that he will escape all consequences beyond a tarnished reputation. This is an acknowledgement by the Titans that Britt was involved in multiple minor scuffles indicating immaturity, as opposed to incidents of malice. Now he just needs to overcome his reoccurring hamstring problems.

Is the Block R logo secretly Canadian?

Take a look at the linked article above (h/t: Rivals), about efforts to bring the Ottawa Rough Riders back to the CFL. Their 70's/80's era logo just happens to look exactly like the Rutgers Block R. As a Canadian franchise, would their trademark be valid in the United States? Rutgers started using the Block R in 2001, but can point to an old 1966 logo as inspiration. If memory serves, the Block R was designed by Dan Levy, inspired by Greg Schiano's fondness for the Ramapo High School football logo.

Brian Leonard re-signs with Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals may be happy this morning, but Rutgers fans are less-so. It's wonderful that Brian Leonard has been playing pro ball for four years, and now is signed for two more. Many good college players never receive that kind of opportunity. You sure wish that Leonard would move on to a better organization though. Hopefully they can win more games this season, but that could be hard with their front office.

Dane Miller Takes the Freshman to Summer School

The group of six freshman, plus Austin Johnson and Austin Carroll took on Dane Miller's squad in the JSBL. What the link above notes as a tight affair ended up with Miller getting the w. He scored 32 points, pulled in 12 boards and dished out 7 assists. Miller scored 9 points in the last two minutes of the game. Freshman Myles Mack scored 27 points and had 7 assists, and was reportedly the best player on the floor for most of the game. Austin Johnson had 21. If Miller and Johnson have improved as much as the summer league has shown, and add leadership, the college basketball season could be very, very excited for Rutgers fans. But again... it is a summer league.

Laryea back; Shimko, Hayward, Solice out

The Rutgers football program took care of some lingering housecleaning today. Fullback/linebacker Edmond Laryea was approved by the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility. The staff really likes Laryea, who should be on the two deep regardless of which side of the ball he ends up on this fall. Quarterback Steve Shimko and Aaron Hayward will no longer count against the team's 85-player scholarship limit due to injury, but will receive medical hardship waivers and retain their scholarships. Shimko missed the spring with a shoulder injury, which would have put him in close competition with incoming freshmen Gary Nova and Mike Bimonte if able to return healthy. He was unlikely to play in 2011, but this move badly hurts the team's already-thin depth at quarterback. Hayward unfortunately had been caught in a numbers game at receiver, and had moved to another deep position in the spring in running back. Rutgers was just so loaded at the offensive skill positions and the secondary that there wasn't an ideal landing spot. Absent the injuries, he still was very talented, and in a less-crowded depth chart would have had more of an opportunity to see playing time. Tight end Junior Solice is also leaving the program. Solice was a signing day flier a few years back, with Rutgers gambling that he could recover from a senior-year injury. Rutgers is relatively thin at tight end, but the odds were against him cracking the depth chart; with the caveat that you really can't get a good impression of a player until they are an upperclassman. Oddly enough, every recent departure is still on the roster except Solice. Needless to say, it is unlikely that Rutgers is still over the mandatory NCAA limit of 85 scholarships.

Schiano family donates 250k to Rutgers

Greg Schiano is not overpaid, or at least as much as his critics believe. Between the high cost of living in NJ, and Schiano's golden track record off the field, it is not exactly fair to expect his salary to warrant a Vince Lombardi performance. Coach Schiano has a comfortable life style for himself and his family, but he's not exactly abusing his position to live in the lap of luxury. He built a house near campus because he would inevitably end up sleeping in his office most nights. Coaching is a profession with limited job security, so he understandably wants to build a nest egg for his wife and children. Plus, Schiano's support of charitable causes is extensive and well-documented. If the above apologia isn't enough to keep the critics at bay, Coach Schiano heard you. Today the Schiano family pledged $250,000 to the Rutgers future scholars program. If it's not too much to ask, can we please try to remember to mentally calculate that into the equation next time someone wants to call the coach overpaid?

Best Rutgers football offseason ever continues

UNC football coach Butch Davis is out. We'll take the wins how we can get them. Expectations for this fall are getting higher by the day at this rate.

Eli Carter Drops 40, Summer League Paying Off

The "RU Squad" is over .500 for the first time during the JSBL. Myles Mack controlled the point and Jerome Seagears scored 18. Click the link above for the rest of the story by Joshua Newman. Still can't believe these players came in feeling "entitled." Learning to play with each other and building some chemistry can only help come October and practice time. Playoffs start next week.

Giants cut Rutgers alum Shaun O'Hara

Shaun O'Hara had a good run, even if he never plays another down for Big Blue. The Hillsborough native went from a walk-on at Rutgers, to an undrafted free agent signing with the horrific Cleveland Browns, to the anchor of a Super Bowl championship line. O'Hara has been the heart and soul of the Giants for the better part of a decade, but now injuries are starting to take their toll. As a result, the Giants cut him loose earlier, although the door is still open a tad should he get healthy and be willing to come back on a reduced salary. The worst part of this is probably that Jeremy Zuttah is a year away from free agency. Zeus would have made the perfect replacement for O'Hara as Eli Manning's snapper. Maybe they can sign a band-aid and make a play for Jeremy next year?

How will the end of the NFL lockout affect Rutgers UDFAs?

The NFL lockout officially ended today, which is good news for Rutgers UDFAs like Joe Lefeged, who stands a good chance of signing with a safety-needy team like the Minnesota Vikings. RU's undrafted free agents saw their stock marked down a little too much this spring owing to the team's poor 2010, which will doubly hurt them, as UDFAs will end up being significantly behind the curve due to having to sign so late this year. Lefeged should still land a team, but it will be harder than normal for the other prospects. Linebacker Antonio Lowery and defensive end Alex Silvestro are the other players that have good chances of sticking with teams through training camp. Corner Brandon Bing should also see interest due to his top workout numbers, and defensive end Jonathan Freeny will see interest from 3-4 teams looking to give him a look at outside linebacker. Update: hooray for Twitter - Joe Lefeged announced that he's signing with the Colts. Antoine Bethea is established on their roster, with Melvin Bullitt and Ken Hamlin free agents. Looks like a good opportunity for Joe to make the team. He'll join former RU UDFA standouts Eric Foster and Gary Brackett in Indy. Update2: reports have Brandon Bing signing with the Denver Broncos. Jonathan Freeny signed with the Miami Dolphins, which is sure to make Rutgers football spokesman Jason Baum happy. Update3: And the hits keep coming - Alex Silvestro is joining Rutgers North in New England. Should be a good find for Bill Belichick and the Pats. Update4: Howard Barbieri is a Houston Texan.


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