Weekly Rutgers football depth chart unchanged


Chas Dodd is listed as the starter, although Schiano quickly backtracked when talking to the press today. (Best guess: Dodd starts, but gets a quick hook if he can't handle pressure.) Betim Bujari is ahead of Antwan Lowery, although Lowery took his job back against Syracuse. Jawan Jamison still gets the nod over Savon Huggins at tailback, and injured end Marvin Booker is nowhere to be seen.

ESPN3 and Rutgers


Rutgers athletics spokesman Jason Baum announced earlier that Rutgers/Navy will be an ESPN 3 exclusive next week, the third such game this season thus far. Rutgers actually probably doesn't mind all that much not having local TV for this game, which could help attendance, but it's still not at all fair. ESPN 3 claims a lot of Rutgers games, and it's for a very specific reason. Cablevision is the cable provider for a good portion of New Jersey (and the rest of the NYC market), including New Brunswick and Piscataway. Cablevision refuses to add ESPN 3, so as leverage, ESPN makes live Rutgers games ESPN 3 exclusives so that fans can not view them on regional sports networks such as SNY, who certainly would much rather have RU/'Navy than Cincinnati/Louisville that week. ESPN 3 is a fun enough service, but this routine is quickly wearing thin. Even Knicks and Ranger fans hate the Dolans, but if this may be the one course of action that could make people actually take their side of a change. ESPN needs to give it a rest, and let their product actually sink or swim on the merits. Of course, this is also another reason why the Big East conference is terrible, as these hostile acts are only even possible because Mike Tranghese was a terrible commissioner who hated Big East football with a burning passion, and thus left himself exposed to sign a terrible television contract.

Sanu Moves to #8 on Rutgers' Career Receptions List


With his seven receptions against Syracuse, Mohamed Sanu overtook Tiquan Underwood for #8 on Rutgers' career receptions list. Now with 138 career receptions, Sanu could move up to #6 with another seven against Pitt. Clark Harris currently sits at #7 with 143 receptions, and Chris Brantly sits at #6 with 144 receptions.

Rutgers/Pitt is still scheduled for 3:30 pm on Saturday


And that remains as big a problem as ever. According to Hillel, Rutgers has the fourth largest undergraduate Jewish population in the country, the second largest (after the University of Florida) of any university that plays bowl subdivision football. New Jersey has the second highest per-capita Jewish population in the country after neighboring New York. None of these facts matter to ESPN, who is forcing Rutgers to sacrifice attendance figures for Saturday's game all for the purpose of securing content for its fledging ESPNU network. Saturday's game had did not have an announced time until a few days ago, but then ESPNU picked it up, and now Rutgers and Pitt have to play at 3:30. It seems odd that there wasn't a red state game that ESPN could have aired instead, but with many teams on bye in week six, Rutgers drew the short end of the stick

Rutgers Ranked #44 in Sagarin Ratings


RU is now ranked #44 coming off the Syracuse win. Five places ahead at #39 is Pitt. Meanwhile, Syracuse, who according to ESPN's Big East blogger will go bowling over RU, is twenty-six places back at #70.

The University of South Jersey moves out from the shadows


And...we may know why the UMDNJ merger could sail through the legislature with little opposition. South Jersey political boss George Norcross is proposing a merger between Rutgers-Camden, Rowan University, and UMDNJ-Camden. If as big a mover and shaker as Norcross is talking to reporters, then these discussions must have moved long past the rumor stage. The plan brings up echoes of Jim McGreevey's failed University of New Jersey proposal, but the idea is worthy of consideration if it can stay manageable and not bog down the slam dunk Rutgers/UMDNJ-NB merger. The two Rutgers satellite campuses in Newark and Camden are an afterthought to the New Brunswick campus. There is little interaction below the administrative level. Rutgers-Camden would be a small price to regain RU's medical school, and as Norcross points out, there's a decent marginal utility argument here. Maybe they can wring some efficiencies out of RU-Camden, and if it's just going to be a patronage mill, it won't be our problem anymore. The current governing structure of Rutgers doesn't really work for anybody. The flagship New Brunswick campuses sort of benefits from marginalizing North and South Jersey political machines who might otherwise be feeding from the trough, but that has the downside of weakening local political support for higher education. Rutgers-NB might have to share more of the funding pie if Newark (possibly with its own merger with UMDNJ and NJIT, but again, you have to worry about mission creep here) and Camden were potent political entities, but it would probably be a much bigger pie. Rutgers New Brunswick could benefit if these scenarios were ever to come to fruition, but disentangling the business school from Newark would be tricky, and NB would be left entirely without a law school.

Rutgers throwing a lot of true freshmen into the fire


Rutgers is off to a 3-1 start, but there are certainly many items that need to be addressed. For one thing, the Scarlet Knights can't run the football. The defense won't be able to win it with turnovers every week. At a certain point, the offense will have to be able to execute, although they do deserve a lot of credit for freshening up the defense with ball control football. Winning every week is the primary concern, but long-term roster management can't be ignored. It's Pitt week, and who can forget Dave Wannstedt panicking last year in playing an ultra-raw T.J. Clemmings long before he was ready for prime time? Keith Sargeant pointed out in this presser notes earlier that ten true freshmen have played already this season. Obviously, Gary Nova, Savon Huggins, Kaleb Johnson, Kevin Snyder, and Ken Kirksey are on the two-deep, but for the others that are playing, you want them to be seeing considerable minutes with a possible fifth year of eligibility at stake.

ESPN Blog has Syracuse Bowling over RU


So Syracuse will go bowling over Rutgers? Maybe I'm confused, but didn't Rutgers just beat Syracuse? Ridiculous.

RU-Pitt Opening Line


The opening line has Pitt favored by 6 next weekend.

Bailey appeared to be down on a television replay, but the ruling on the field was upheld, sending...


Bailey appeared to be down on a television replay, but the ruling on the field was upheld, sending the Scarlet Knights (3-1, 1-0 Big East) into a frenzy after they had huddled along their sideline waiting.

What. The Post-Standard is obviously in the rank for Syracuse, as most college papers are around the country for their local teams. You expect a little better from the Associated Press though. Credit the boards for quickly discovering that the writer for this one (John Kekis) is based out of Syracuse. Suddenly, the above paragraph that bears no relationship whatsoever to reality makes a bit more sense.
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