OSU Scandal Final Chapter(s) Yet to Come

We're trying to be better neighbors, but there's some old issues not quite resolved.

Logan Kelley Speaks

Coach’s attitude during our workouts is awesome, everyone’s having fun and is ready to be there every day, Coach (Van) Macon and (David) Cox seem to be revitalized after all the nonsense. Everything is going great and I’m real proud and real glad of how things are going, not just for me, but for everyone."

Logan Kelley speaks after a JSBL game.

If we're going to the BCS, 2013 is the YEAR!!

Because here is our B1G schedule for 16-17 and it ain't real pretty. Ohio St/Michigan BACK-TO-BACK?? C'mon son!

Eddie Jordan's Recruiting Acumen

Absolutely, if you meet Jordan he’s a great guy, very personable. His track record speaks for itself. His experience speaks for itself and the kids will want to be a part of that. I’m sure he’ll get more. It’s only the beginning. I’m sure it’s going to be an eye-opener for him and New York City.

Mike Williams' coach Ed Gonzalez talks about how Eddie Jordan is a natural recruiter.

2014 Shooting Guard Mike Williams Commits to RU

Credit Matt Hladik with the scoop. Williams is a scorer who can really shoot. Mike Rice had been on him for a while, and this is likely a Van Macon connection for Eddie Jordan. Rutgers beats out St. John's and Temple (among others) for Williams' services. Unless J.J. Moore gets a waiver to play immediately (PLLLEEEAASSSEEEEE NCAA), this will finalize the class that will be the first to enter the Big 10. Jordan has a 3 man class of Bishop Daniels (JUCO G), DJ Foreman (SF/PF) and Mike WIlliams. If Moore gets the waiver, Jordan will have one more scholarship to play with. And with the speed in which Jordan has been filling out these classes, you'd think he'd be able to nab someone solid.

Kevin Recio does a cameo on OTE

...and Kevin does RU proud. If you comment, keep in mind there are a lot of B1G fans (which apparently includes an OTE writer or 2) upset at the prospect of dropping in the B1G rankings, so don't be shocked by a little vitriol.

Adonis Jennings Commits

The crown jewel of the class has arrived. The 6-3 WR from Timber Creek is a fantastic get, and further pushes the 2014 class closer to a consensus top 25 ranking. Jennings is a three-star on Scout, four-star on Rivals, and an ESPN 150 recruit. Great news on the banks.

Steve Sweeney declares war on Rutgers

Fresh off an embarrassing, all-encompassing public humiliation in 2012, when the Rutgers Board of Trustees utterly annihilated George Norcross's plans to destroy Rutgers-Camden, Norcross's insipid puppet Steve Sweeney is at it again. This time, the incompetent, unqualified Sweeney seeks to dissolve the Rutgers Board of Trustees; a move that is completely illegal according to New Jersey's 1956 Rutgers Act. At best, passing this legislation will lead to a costly legal battle that Rutgers will surely win. At worst, it could lead to the privatization of New Jersey's state university to ensure that our cherished assets stay out of Norcross's grubby little hands. He wants to turn Rutgers into a patronage mill instead of a school. We're not going to let him, even if he was able to get away with stealing $49 million from the Rutgers budget to spend on satellite campuses.

Julie Hermann Speaks

I think I would say with creating a different culture it starts immediately. It starts with how we work as a staff. How we work together, how we can set a tone. I spoke at the (introductory) press conference of healing from the inside out and I think we have tremendous talent on this staff. So it's really about empowering them and setting them free to do what they do well. I think that has already started.

Tom Luicci (among others) scored an interview with Ms. Hermann today.

Rutgers-Newark > Syracuse

The infinite superiority of Rutgers-New Brunswick to Syracuse is already clear and evident. In a bit of a surprising development however, it has now come to light that the Rutgers satellite campus in Newark is superior to Syracuse as well, with Syracuse chancellor Nancy Cantor deciding to relocate from Syberia to a campus actually located in the New York City metropolitan area. Guess she couldn't get enough of the Dinorsaur BBQ.What's also interesting about this is that Cantor is arguably more qualified than Rutgers president Robert Barchi. If they can get someone like Cantor for a satellite campus, what caliber of candidate will run the flagship in New Brunswick? This also does finally put to rest those ridiculous lies that Pres. Barchi is a racist and hates Newark, even though they never had any validity to begin with. Barchi is probably not a long-term president, but he does have a lot of job security given the importance of making sure that the UMDNJ merger goes through smoothly. if something were to happen though...that's a pretty nice replacement to have waiting in house.

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