Donation Fund for Nelson's Alleged Victim


If anyone is interested in donating, Isaac Kolstad's friends and family have started a donation fund, which has already raised over $32,000 as of this post.

RU Releases Annual 15 Days of Spring Movie


Last week, Rutgers released its annual documentary look inside the program, "15 Days of Spring." Running nearly an hour, the video is a must-watch for Rutgers fans. Devin McCourty serves as a sort of running commenter/host.

VIDEO: Meet the SEC Bagman


An animated followup to the widely-read SBNation SEC Bagman story. Don't miss it.

New Jersey Citizenship Revoked.


"That's what we're trying to do, we're trying to get the best players to go to the best college closest to home, and that's Penn State." Union City OL Steven Gonzalez, New Jersey resident.

Tales of a Real Life SEC Bagman


"A good bag man will never be famous. He will never be that guy hovering right next to the head coach after a big win. His name will never be known by the majority of students, fans, and alumni of the university he loves. There is no dead bag man memorial on the campus of any football powerhouse. There are no memorial scholarships named after the guy who gave a running back's mother $3,000 a month for four years."

Keith Sargeant on Hermann and the Media


This is one of the most reasonable and poignant takes on the controversy so far, and I think it's fair to say that both Hermann and the Star-Ledger have reached critical mass in enmity for each other. In any case, I have always respected Keith Sargeant's work, and this is another good editorial on the matter.

Rutgers football facilities vs. the rest of the Big Ten


"Ohio State’s practice field is better than everybody,’’ DiNardo said. "Wisconsin practices inside its stadium every day. Rutgers is almost identical to Iowa. So no problem with their practice field. "Football facility, Ohio State is better, Penn State is better, Michigan is better (but) they’re better than Northwestern, they’re better than Illinois, they’re better than Purdue."

This is from Keith Sargeant's recent interview with Gerry DiNardo.

TE Nakia Griffin Commits to Rutgers


Rutgers gets a real sleeper in Nakia Griffin, who has played TE, WR, DE, and LB for Tenafly. His high school went 1-9 this season, contributing to his low profile. However, Temple and Virginia were hot on his trail, so it's a good move for RU to offer first.

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