More fireable offenses from Julie Hermann

It remains a continuing scandal that someone with such a long and consistent record of being anti-football and anti-student athlete, such as the esteemed serial player abuser Julie Hermann, remains the athletic director at Rutgers University. The latest outrage salvo comes from a recent interview on the topic of athletic subsidies, where Hermann sees no issue with exploiting players from revenue sports such as football and men's basketball to continue subsidizing non-revenue sports that are not independently viable to a considerable end. Those comments are bad enough on their own, reflecting a small time mentality about college sports that would make her a far better fit at a program like Monmouth or Farleigh Dickinson; not an enrollment behemoth about to enter the Big Ten where football crowds out everything else. The outrage is doubled however by Hermann's profoundly patronizing comments about her very own student athletes, claiming that they will just use the stipends to buy iPhones and designer jeans, in spite of very strong evidence to the contrary. Hermann just accused her very own corps of student athletes, which has received widespread recognition for some of the best academic performance throughout the NCAA, as being too irresponsible and stupid to manage their own lives without having their livelihoods stolen and reappropriated. By her, of course. As much as I support Rutgers University and Rutgers athletics, I could not blame any student athlete who, upon reading her sentiments, resolved to get as far as possible away from the banks as long as an abuser who literally has demonstrated her contempt for student athletes with her every single professional action during her career remains in charge.

Gary Nova Listed As Probable

After suffering a concussion in last Saturday's game against EMU, official word out of the Star-Ledger reports that Nova is probable for Saturday. More to come in the ensuing days.

Rutgers to Open the Pre-Season NIT With Canisius

Click the link above for Jerry Carino's full story and match-ups. As the link says, Canisius isn't a pushover. If Rutgers doesn't have JJ Moore and Junior Etou available, it is difficult to envision a trip to MSG.

Tim Pernetti Finds A Job

The former Rutgers AD has landed an executive position with the MLS expansion team, New York City Football Club. The New York Yankees will be an investor in the team, and Manchester City Football Club of the Premier League will have a controlling interest.

Reeling 'Em In: Deion Hallmon Commits

You knew it was coming. Deion Hallmon was a Rutgers lean for awhile, and it's great to see him follow through on his top choice. Many wondered whether RU would be able to maintain recruiting success in Florida with the move to the B1G, but Hallmon's commitment should alleviate those concerns for now. Congratulations to Coach Flood and Deion Hallmon.

Miles Shuler To Transfer

Disappointing news from Miles, who could never catch on at WR. If you remember, Miles took on the role of recruiter during his commitment process, and had a hand in landing Savon Huggins to RU. We wish him all the best in his football future.

Scarlet Scuttlebutt RSoccer Preview 2013

Keith Sargeant of the Courier News and APP previews the 2013 Rutgers Men's Soccer Team.

Jonathan Hilliman #ShocksTheWorld

This just keeps getting better and better. Rutgers received Hilliman's commitment earlier today, and he will be the third running back so far in the 2014 class. The '14 class is currently ranked: #21 (ESPN), #16 (Rivals), #19 (Scout). Of course, NSD isn't until February, but as of right now, we are on the cusp of a truly historic class for Coach Flood.

Another Notch in RU football's NJ Recruiting Belt

Kyle Flood's 2014 class is rounding out quite nicely with local 'State of Rutgers' talent. The latest addition is St. Peter's Prep running back Jonathan Hillman. Hillman chose RU over Ohio State and is generally considered the state's top running back prospect for the class of 2014.

Julie Hermann opposes cost of living stipend

Along with the most towards a new division of the NCAA for so-called power conferences. All in all, these comments together are quite disturbing, and fit in with the continuing narrative that Hermann has an agenda against football and big-time athletics. These two statements are not only directly contrary to the interests of Rutgers University athletics, which would greatly benefit from both, but also are definitively anti-student athlete as well. Considering Hermann's detailed, extensive history of abuse and disrespect towards student-athletes entrusted into her care, this continuing, consistent pattern of behavior is and remains beyond disturbing and troubling. The ONLY consideration should be the best interests of the student athlete. Period. Any other opinion is callous and heartless.

By all accounts, the Big Ten and commissioner Jim Delany are the meal ticket right now for Rutgers athletics. A sane, competent administrator would simply go along with Delany's plans. The Rutgers Board of Governors proved its incompetence in that respect in forcing out skilled athletic director Tim Pernetti as a direct result of their own failings, and his underwhelming, unaccomplished replacement, Hermann, is at least showing consistency with the board's incompetence by publicly defying Delany. This cannot be said enough: the best hope for Rutgers athletics moving forward is that her tenure is brief and abrupt enough that she doesn't start burning bridges and causing legitimate long term harm to what we're doing here with brain-numbing gaffes like this, or by adding the AAC logo to the football field this year; effectively slamming down the brakes on Rutgers's full-throttle embrace by the Big Ten initiated by Pernetti. Hermann just has to put her own stamp on things, even if it's stupid, incorrect, and ultimately self-defeating.


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