Syracuse HC loves recruiting violations


"If they're out there encouraging people to come to Syracuse, I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't think it's one of those situations that it's harmful."

Of course, Coach Shafer, the NCAA might disagree with you on that. I've always thought it was completely insane that Syracuse recruiting staffer Eric White actively encourages fans to inundate recruits on Twitter. Yeah, Rutgers wouldn't care at all if Kyle Flood wasn't getting destroyed on the recruiting trail, but this absolutely seems like asking for trouble and destined to not end well.

From BT Powerhouse


Some Rutgers hoops analysis.

Isaac Kolstad's condition improving


The Mankato Free Press reported over the weekend that Isaac Kolstad is interacting with his daughter and doing standing exercises. He is also on less severe medication, a good sign that Kolstad is on the road to recovery.

Not sure if anyone caught this from Black Shoe Diaries:


But our friends from ttfp have a lot to say. And took a few shots at OTB. If we can pull off a win, I'm sure they will love to be reminded about there catchy Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers nickname.

Has Kyle Flood created a new game day tradition for Rutgers athletics??

Hoboken RU Chant with Kyle Flood & Dan Donigan from Rutgers Football on Vimeo.

I think he may been on to something with this chant...

Rutgers / Maryland Rivalry page on Facebook


Join the group and get this rivalry going!

Rutgers Athletics to be self-sufficient in 10 years


Rutgers is a long ways away from getting that full Big Ten payout in 2021, which is projected to be over $45 million per school. Fear not, true believers, because RU is still getting upgraded by simply being a member. Keith Sargeant reports that Rutgers will receive $9 million in the first B1G season, which is still a lot better than the $1 million the university would have received from the American Athletic Conference.

How to Follow Recruiting Without Being an Asshole


Eleven Warriors (an OSU fan site) trolls the hell out of its own fanbase and provides sage advice.

B1G Leads 2014 Football Academic Rankings


Not too surprising, considering the quality of institutions within the conference. The ACC actually shows a better ranking when looking at the median, but the B1G is tops in terms of mean and vastly superior when looking at the range of quality schools. Rutgers comes in at #31 out of all power conference programs, better than more than half of the entire list. This is consistent with the rest of the B1G. Meanwhile, Nebraska brings down the conference with it's 100+ US News ranking and non-AAU membership. #lolHuskers

So Whatever Happened to Pernetti's Master Plan for the RAC?


Turns out, it's been scrapped. But what JH is working on (if the money can follow) has the potential to be the Oregon-lite version of the East: An athlete's village complete with new athletic training and office facilities, - yes, it would include dedicated basketball practice facilities - including a brand new headquarter complex for football (Hale Center would be turned over to the other sports for use). Good insights by Jerry Carino.

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