Kaleb Johnson Returns for Senior Season

Looks like the offensive line will return intact for the first season in the B1G. Good news for the Knights, who need stability with all the distractions around them.

Highpoint Solutions Stadium (Virtual) Expansion

Just noticed this commercial the other day on TV. It features the McCourty brothers pitching Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion. But look closer at the stadium and you'll see they decided they needed to a larger venue than what Highpoint could offer, so they added a second level. Gives you a (loose) idea of what an expanded stadium could look like.

Larry Johnson Leaving Penn State

Looks like Johnson will not be retiring. Flounders says he isn't done with college football. Let's hope Kyle Flood at least makes a call.

Savon Huggins considering a transfer from Rutgers

This guy had his chances and failed to capitalize on them. And if he chose Notre Dame over Rutgers years ago he'd probably be rotting on the bench as well. I seriously don't know where he could transfer to and if he could get playing time. It has to be a lower tier FBS program or a FCS program.

Steve Longa Named Freshman All-America

So the one player on Rutgers who makes a national All-America list doesn't make the all-conference team? Linebacker was fairly deep in the AAC this year, but Longa deserves to be on that list. Might be a gift to senior DeDe Lattimore, who gets a lot of deserved credit for a stellar career. Longa had a very impressive season and is the first Knight to make the Sporting News Freshmen All-America team since 2007, when future first rounder Anthony Davis made the list.

Rutgers Lands Four On All-AAC Team

Paul James benefitted from a weak RB class in the American this year, as only Storm Johnson rushed for over 1,000 yards. Tyler Kroft was one of RU's best receiving threats, so that's not a surprise. Betim Bujari and Janarion Grant round out the second-team all-conference honorees, and for good reason. Possible snubs could be Darius Hamilton, although he mostly came on late with great games against UCF and USF. He also was going up against some hefty competition in the trenches this year. All in all, a decent showing considering the year that Rutgers had for 2013.

No-Visit Policies Doom Rutgers

Jared Shanker of ESPN has some interesting insight into the no-visit policies of some schools, and how the current state of recruiting is the main reason that these recruits are de-committing.

More fireable offenses from Julie Hermann

It remains a continuing scandal that someone with such a long and consistent record of being anti-football and anti-student athlete, such as the esteemed serial player abuser Julie Hermann, remains the athletic director at Rutgers University. The latest outrage salvo comes from a recent interview on the topic of athletic subsidies, where Hermann sees no issue with exploiting players from revenue sports such as football and men's basketball to continue subsidizing non-revenue sports that are not independently viable to a considerable end. Those comments are bad enough on their own, reflecting a small time mentality about college sports that would make her a far better fit at a program like Monmouth or Farleigh Dickinson; not an enrollment behemoth about to enter the Big Ten where football crowds out everything else. The outrage is doubled however by Hermann's profoundly patronizing comments about her very own student athletes, claiming that they will just use the stipends to buy iPhones and designer jeans, in spite of very strong evidence to the contrary. Hermann just accused her very own corps of student athletes, which has received widespread recognition for some of the best academic performance throughout the NCAA, as being too irresponsible and stupid to manage their own lives without having their livelihoods stolen and reappropriated. By her, of course. As much as I support Rutgers University and Rutgers athletics, I could not blame any student athlete who, upon reading her sentiments, resolved to get as far as possible away from the banks as long as an abuser who literally has demonstrated her contempt for student athletes with her every single professional action during her career remains in charge.

Gary Nova Listed As Probable

After suffering a concussion in last Saturday's game against EMU, official word out of the Star-Ledger reports that Nova is probable for Saturday. More to come in the ensuing days.

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