Nova/Friedgen similar to BoB/McGloin


This is a very interesting article, nevermind that it's coming from a Penn State writer. David Jones of offers this apt comparison between two schools that look to have similar situations.

In Bill O'Brien's first year, he inherited Matt McGloin, a former walk-on QB who struggled with consistency. For 2014, new OC Ralph Friedgen will inherit struggling QB Gary Nova. If the same transformation is made with Nova, I think it's safe to say that the Fridge's first year will be a huge success.

Fantastic Work from EDSBS


Seen above: Cornelius Springsteen Rutgers valiantly battles an opponent as memorialized in the Rutgers Football Creation Museum. "Having been bested by Rutgers in this formative contest, the velociraptor left New Jersey in disgrace and later founded Penn State." Full story here

Rutgers # 5 in the B1G for academics


The Center for World University Rankings just published their 2014 rankings for top 1000 universities in the world: 19) Johns Hopkins - associate member (21) Michigan (23) Northwestern (25) Wisconsin (28) Illinois (33) Rutgers (46) Pennsylvania Commonwealth University (aka ttfp) (47) Ohio State (49) Minnesota (52) Purdue (76) Maryland (112) Michigan State (113) Indiana (125) Iowa (686) Rutgers-Newark (Not Ranked) Nebraska Moral of the story? Rutgers-Newark is better than Nebraska.

Use of On The Banks signature


I've really enjoyed this community over the past few years. Especially with all the B1G excitement and new members. However, this is the second time that an "On The Banks" editorial has raised some controversy. Everyone is certainly entitled to his or her opinion. But wouldn't it make more sense to have RUScoop post his opinions undyer his own handle, and reserve an On The Bank written article for when the entire editorial board is in agreement, or when reporting news? I appreciate RU Scoop's founding of the former site. But when a critical piece goes out under the On the Banks heading, it can be confusing to members and visitors from other schools alike. Just some food for thought.


Q&A with Pick Six Previews


Brett Ciancia of Pick Six Previews reached out to OTB for a preview on the 2014 Scarlet Knights. Check out his questions and my answers in the link above!

Big Ten Champions Fund


Here's an opportunity to give recurring donations to help support Rutgers Athletics.

Sewer Cuse


More bad news for a school that deserves plenty.

Syracuse HC loves recruiting violations


"If they're out there encouraging people to come to Syracuse, I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't think it's one of those situations that it's harmful."

Of course, Coach Shafer, the NCAA might disagree with you on that. I've always thought it was completely insane that Syracuse recruiting staffer Eric White actively encourages fans to inundate recruits on Twitter. Yeah, Rutgers wouldn't care at all if Kyle Flood wasn't getting destroyed on the recruiting trail, but this absolutely seems like asking for trouble and destined to not end well.

From BT Powerhouse


Some Rutgers hoops analysis.

Isaac Kolstad's condition improving


The Mankato Free Press reported over the weekend that Isaac Kolstad is interacting with his daughter and doing standing exercises. He is also on less severe medication, a good sign that Kolstad is on the road to recovery.


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